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5 Powerful Tips To Internet Marketing Success

Posted on : 22-12-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Over ninety five percent of online business fails within the 1st five years. It is not by luck or chance for those who make it through and thrive to become multimillionaires. Your chances of success with any online business that you choose to be in depends on having the right mindset and executing the right strategy and techniques.

Here are five powerful tips that you should consider to improve your Internet Marketing success.

Manage your online activities and keep to a schedule.
One of the main challenges pertaining to running a home-based online business is that of time management. Quite often  many people admittedly including myself will spend more time surfing  sites such as YouTube and etc instead of focusing on what’s important to our online business.

For instance, sometimes it took me twice as long to write an article for posting even though I knew deep down inside I could get it done much sooner. The reason is because I get distracted easily by other sites and my mind starts to wonder into other interesting websites.

You need to exercise self discipline and adhere to strict tight deadline for each specific tasks that you are doing. In other words organize your life and online activities so that you get the most important and urgent tasks done at the soonest opportunity.  You need to stay the course and have schedules to prevent yourself from side tracking to other unimportant things.

Know your subject and understand how things works from inside out
You don’t need to be a master and expert in Internet technology to make money online. You can even start a successful e-commerce site even if you do not know how to build a website. That goes without saying because there are  software  tools available which automates pretty much everything.

A car driver may not need to know the inner working details of the engine but it is good and essential that he knows how to check the brake oil, jump start the car, change the tyre and etc. You never know when such skills will comes in handy in times of emergency.

Likewise it is important and essential for you to have basic understanding of say HTML (hyper text mark up language) and knowledge on how to upload and download a file to your site using file transfer protocol (FTP) and etc. Learn as much as you can and don’t have the wrong notion that there is absolutely no need to learn just because there are automated tools to get the job done.

Use the right tools
Use the most appropriate and suitable tools for working towards your end. That does not imply you have to use the latest tools but it helps in some way as Internet technology and marketing landscape change quickly. Some older software  tools, strategies and techniques  may become obsolete or not as effective down the road.

Don’t try to be a complete cheapo and rely on just free tools to get the job done.  As with any other real business, you need to invest some capital to build up your online business. You should reinvest some of the profits  back into your business. Invest in software tools and information that improves your productivity!

Do not reinvent the wheel.
Don’t waste your time to try to reinvent the wheel. Use the wheel instead, make it more better and  powerful. For instance, you don’t need to create a super product that is out of this world.  Find out a product or service that sells well and do further market research to know what’s lacking and customer wishlist.  Join relevant discussion groups and forums to get to know more about customers expectations of future product enhancements.

Anticipate future needs
Try to predict the future trend with regards to your niche market and develop a unique product that will stand out and make a difference to people’s life.  Do not focus on the outcome on the product in terms of dollars and cents but rather on how the product is going to improve one’s well being.





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What You Need To Know Before You Start Any Online Business

Posted on : 09-06-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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The statistic is extremely grim. Over 95% of the online business kaput or hardly make any profit within the 1st 5 years since start-up. You may wonder what the remaining small successful Internet marketers do which the majority isn’t.

Is there any secret that the Internet Marketing Gurus implement which allows them to make excess money round the clock over and over again without doing much work while you spend hours daily struggling to pay the bills?

Well, truth to be told, yes there is a secret and the secret is that there is simply no secret at all. Here is a good article on what you need to know before you start any online business. A lot of Internet marketing newbie set themselves up for failure even before they achieve their first profit.

Please check out this interesting post on what you need to know before you start any online business. You will be glad you did it and for goodness sake, don’t just read it, implement it!

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Failure To Plan Is Planning To Fail

Posted on : 08-05-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, Internet_Marketing

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Failure to plan is to plan to fail. The Singapore’s Workers Party plan their strategy meticulously and executed their election campaigns well and they reap the tremendous rewards for their hard work. Likewise, in all things in life, if you do not plan for yourself, do not expect others to do so for you!

A lot of Singaporeans stay put till the early morning hours to catch the latest breaking news of the Singapore GE 2011 results via the Internet at the comfort of home. It’s a real contrast compare to the good old days where people gathered at the vote counting centers to wait for the announcement of the election results.

Well as usual the People’s Action Party retains the majority seats in the parliament. Thanks to the revolution in social media communication the main opposition party namely the Workers Party abbreviated WP was able to reach out to voters and in one way another turn the tide to contest and win a PAP stronghold constituency.

WP has made Singapore political history by winning the group representative constituency aka GRC seats of Aljunied. The rest of the opposition parties have also made considerable political inroad and progress in this contest even though they did not win any seats.

It would be another five years before the next GE and well in the mean time life move on as usual. Both the main ruling party and the opposition parties has a lot of soul searching to do with regards to how to win the hearts and minds of the voters for the next upcoming general election.

One of the biggest topics hotly debated during this election campaign was with regards to jobs and live hood of the citizens. Job competitions involving foreigners is a key emotional topic. Manufacturing industries are relocating elsewhere and will continue to do so. In fact I foresee company downsizing and relocation activities to accelerate.

Besides competition with foreign talents, age is another major factor. Most companies prefer to hire younger instead of older aging workers. We wouldn’t want to end up competing with younger less experience candidates but what choice do the older generations such as me have?

The start reality though is that unless we start to plan about our future, we are in for trouble. No government in the world is able to assists each and every one of its citizens. There are bound for some less fortunate and less prepared people to fall through the cracks unless we plan we may become on those hapless statistics.

Failure to plan is to plan to fail so to speak. Instead of waiting for the inevitable to happen, I guess I am better of exploring other opportunities, in particular Internet Marketing and online business.

There are plenty of opportunities to make money online. It makes me wonder why there are many well educated people who struggle for months and even years to feed their loved ones when they got retrench simply because they could not find another job that pays them like past jobs they had.

This is employer’s world. There are more supplies than demand so to speak. You don’t need to continue to live the rat race life. When you discover and master the blue print of online business success you wouldn’t give a second though of going back to work for other.

After all, why get a JOB (just over broke) and end up being too busy to make a living instead of building a financial retirement nest? Unless you belong to the top earners holding very high positions in organizations you work for, chances are that you are too busy working like a slave to make these bosses rich!

Home based business involving Internet marketing or any online business for that matter is very achievable and can reap much benefits and rewards. The start up capital requirement to do so is extremely affordable.

You can surely succeed in online business world if you have the right mindset, the tenacity and the will to succeed. Last but not least, you have to take actions and responsibilities to realize your dreams.

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How To Monetize Your Blog – Even If You Hate Selling

Posted on : 01-01-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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If you are thinking of making money with your blog then you may wonder how best to go about it. Lot of people don’t feel comfortable to ask for sales in their blog but that is exactly what you should do if you wish to monetize your blog. It is easy to sell product through your blog if you know how to do it. You don’t need to do hard selling because such technique won’t work with Internet marketing and any online business.

Can you sell a product online if you hate selling or you don’t think you are cut out to be sales person? The answer is of course you can!. Have it ever occur to you that we do selling all the time? Say for instance, you watched a movie and you like it. Someone you know talks about going for a show and you tell them the movie that you watched recently, how interesting the plot and so and so. That’s is in fact selling!.

Selling becomes hard, really hard if you attempt to sell someone a product that he or she has no need for at the present moment. For instance, what are the chances of selling a hair comb to a guy who is completely bald? The days of shouting and screaming at the top of your voice to try get customers to buy your product is over. What you should be doing is to get qualified customers or targeted prospects to approach you and your task is to promote a product or service that will help customer address their wants or needs.

Don’t go around chasing after customers. Let the customer come to you!. It sounds weird but this is what set the successful online business entrepreneurs and Internet marketers from the majority of those who struggle to keep their business afloat. It is much easier for you to promote a product to someone who don’t need anymore convincing words and who is in the buying mood.

You don’t need to do a lot of selling if your customer already qualified themselves in the sense that they need such a product to address their wants or needs. Your job as a Internet Marketer is try to match the best product or service that will meet the customer requirements. Sometime a customer may not even know for sure what they want specifically so you have to help them by explaining the values and benefits of your product.

Half the battle is won if you are able to get qualified customers to visit your blog or website. Thus the key factor is not so much about selling but rather how to promote your website or blog so that the right customer can find you. This is where search engine optimization is so important. You need to get your website to be rank as high as possible by the search engines. Of course you can also consider using paid traffic such as Pay Per Click (PPC) to get your website rank highly as fast as possible.

In summary, making money from blogging is not hard even if you hate selling. Qualified customers will buy from you if you can promote your product or service in such a way that they can see the benefits and values that directly address their problems. You should post regularly and over time your blog will earn credibility and the customer will consider you an expert in your niche.

You don’t need to do any hard selling once you have establish an authoritative blog in your niche market. You can monetize your blog without doing any hard selling. Of course, you should try to master the art of persuasive soft selling as well as being able to write effective sales copy letter. You will be able to achieve good comfortable income through monetization of your blog if you have a good authoritative blog and persuasive sales copy.

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Online Business Success Formula – Prerequisites

Posted on : 28-12-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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I am often met with bewildered and doubtful stares, usually from friends, peers and colleague who thinks I am crazy when I told them one of the most  promising, economical and best ways to achieve financial independence is through online business and Internet Marketing.

The entry barrier into Internet marketing is very low and practically almost everyone, and I mean anyone can start to a home online business anytime with minimum budget.  A lot of people thinks they need to have knowledge and background in computer software and Internet technology in order to start up any online business. This is far from the truth.

The Chinese Internet portal Alibaba.com was started by someone who don’t even know what HTML is. Likewise you don’t need to have complete grasp and understanding of Internet Marketing before you start any online business. You can take action to start and learn at the same time.

Learn from someone who is being there and done that so to speak. Follow a proven working system by learning from a trusted online business mentor, someone that is willing to teach you and committed to make you succeed.  You don’t need to reinvent the wheels so to speak. You can try your best to avoid mistakes others have made with regards to your online business.

A mentor can’t do the job for you though. You have to take appropriate actions based on what you have learn and be committed  to make it succeed. Even though everyone can jump into online business, not everyone will succeed.

The statistic is pretty grim though in the sense that over 95% of online businesses fails within the 1st two years. Why is that so? I believe it all boils down to  the fact that you need to have certain prerequisites to succeed online.

These prerequisites are Internet Marketing success formula that will improve your chances of succeeding in any niche online business that you deal with.  Let’s go through each of these prerequisites and understand how it contributes to Internet marketing success.

The prerequisites are:

1)You described yourself as an overachiever. Or at least that is what others perceived you.
2)You are competitive, possess fighting spirit and you enjoy winning.
3)You are a self starter and you don’t need someone to nag over your shoulder to get things done.
4)You are goal oriented and you take charge of your life without leaving things to fate.
5)You love to live the life of fast lane and you enjoy and thrive amidst some stress in life.
6)You are passionate of the things you love in life be it hobby, sports or whatever.
7)You take full responsibility for your actions. You don’t blame others for your lack of success or failures.
8)You are open to feedback and you welcome suggestions and even criticism from those more experience than you.
9)You love to read and you enjoy applying what you have learn.
10) You possessed never say die attitude and you don’t give up easily.
11) You are not afraid to leave your comfort zone to try out new things, even to the possibilities that you will face tough challenges dealing with unknowns and things that you are not familiar with.
12) You view mistakes as part and parcel of ongoing learning opportunities and not failures.
13) You don’t need the consent and approval of everyone around you to make decisions to achieve your goals.
14) You believe in the Law Of Attraction. You have strong personal conviction that you will get what you want in life so long as you pour your heart, mind and soul into it.

You will achieve Internet Marketing and online business success if you have the right mindset and positive traits that differentiates you from the rest of the 95% which fails miserably. It is important to note that everything starts with the mind and ends with the mind.

Thus do focus on the necessary online business success formula such as the prerequisites outlined above if you wish to be survive today’s competitive online industry. The choice is yours, the battle is yours!.

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Why Work At Home – Benefits Of Being An Online Business Marketer

Posted on : 05-09-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, Internet_Marketing

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Retrenchment and wage reduction is becoming the norm. This is not surprising as the global economy and health of global financial institutions fluctuates amidst times of uncertainties. Pay rise if any don’t seems to catch up with inflation.

Standard of living in most places seems to increase out of proportion in relation to wage increase. On the other end there are those who are less fortunate, those who are in danger of losing their job due to company downsizing and workforce restructuring.

The digital age has introduced more stress in work life. We are expected to work on weekends (without any OT of course) and get the job done at all cost regardless. We are virtual prisoners of our own making. We are confined to a small cubicle for almost half of our life span.

Small and medium size companies are finding ways to manage their operating costs, sometimes even at the extend of micro managing every single dollar. Company year end bonus is not a requirement and usually based on the management goodwill and company performance. Your take home income is not guaranteed.

It’s becoming more apparent that the regular job that we have can no longer guarantee balanced work and social life. We may have family to care for but we are expected to perform in terms of number of hours and attention to work as if we are still single.

Against all these backdrop uncertainties, the Internet has open up a wealth of opportunities for individuals to work from home. More and more people are rediscovering the benefits of working from home.

Regardless of present and future outlook of the world economy, working from home will benefit you. You can make good money with home online business. How is that so?

Insane Low Capital Start Up Cost
You don’t need a huge amount of start-up capital. In fact, you can get started with as little as $50 or so… and start making deals on this website almost immediately…You don’t need a physical storefront. You don’t need tons of equipment. And you don’t need to hire or fire employees. It’s just you, your computer, and your Internet connection.

You Don’t Need Any Paper Qualification
You don’t need a fancy degree. Even though you can make the same kind of money as today’s highest-paid CEO, you don’t need a university degree (or even a high-school degree) to make great money as an Internet import/export entrepreneur

Extra Income
You’re in complete control of your financial destiny. Want to do online business “on the side” and make enough money to… say… pay off your monthly groceries or car payment? You can do that. Want to become a super-successful seven-figure Internet affiliate marketer “tycoon”… like Ewen Chia? You can do that, too..

You can start small by keeping your day JOB and earn side income along the way. You have flexibility to decide how much money you wish to make, how soon you want to quit your day job and how much you want to earn in the future and for the rest of your life.

Work In Your Pajamas
You don’t have to get dressed and commute to an office every weekday. If the thought of enduring 20 more years or so of the 9-to-5 grind makes your body shiver with horror… then this could be the perfect alternative. You can work from home… in your pajamas, if you wish… and set your own hours…

You Can Never Get Fired
You don’t need to worry and struggle to keep that 9 to 5pm daily JOB of when the company initiate workforce restructuring and downsize. You are the CEO of your very own online business. Nobody can fire you except yourself.

Just Over Broke
Unless you are the CEO or you belong the elite top upper management of the company, chances are most people will not become rich and achieve financial independence with regular JOB, not even working for decades in the company?. I am not saying that no one will get rich and wealthy by holding regular JOB. Chances are you might not be one of them. After all, JOB stands for ‘just over broke’.

Keep Your Dignity
You don’t have to please your boss and compromise your dignity. You don’t need to be a Mr “Yes” man all the time and you don’t have to deal with nasty peers and office politics. You don’t have to work on the things that you don’t like and worry about your ‘career’.

Make Time Work For You
The rich and poor alike has only 24 hours a day. Why is it that the rich can get more things done and earn more money compare to the average Joe? The secret lies with the power of leveraging. Unlike normal JOB, you don’t have to trade time for money.

In normal JOB, you don’t get paid if you don’t work. The beauty of Internet business is that you can make money even while you are asleep. You get the benefit of running your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days none stop without having to get involve with the gritty details of the operation.

Reach Out To The World
You can make money from anywhere in the world. The Internet has completely transformed how a small but fast-growing number of entrepreneurs live and support themselves. You can bring your online business to any part of the world.

What the heck, you can travel for holidays and still get paid through the automated online business system that you have setup. You set it up once and let it runs indefinitely completely automated. When you’re a successful Internet marketer, the world is your oyster…

In summary, reflect on all those benefits associated with home based online business. It doesn’t make sense for anyone to complain about their day to day JOB and yet still not taking actions to improve their quality work life. Success in life starts with the right mindset. If you yearn to work at home and wish to take control of your own destiny then don’t wait. Work at home and being successful with online business is not hard.

There is no real secret to achieve success in working at home. All you need is to follow a proven working system from some of the world’s most distinguish Internet Marketers who has been there and done that. Secret Affiliate Weapon II is a good start for those who are new to online business. When you sign up for SAW2 (Secret Affiliate Weapon 2), you get to learn and apply proven techniques to jump start any online business at the shortest possible time.

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How To Blog For Massive Profits

Posted on : 22-06-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Thousands of blogs are created daily. People often blog for various reasons. Some people communicate their thoughts, hobbies and even daily activities via blogs. Celebrities and even politicians make use of blogs to reach out to the fans and the public. It is not surprising that political parties made us of blogs to spread their manifesto and election campaign messages to the mass.

One of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your online business is via blogging. Traffic is the lifeline of all Internet marketing and online business. Diverting quality traffic that converts to leads and sales to your online store is critical to the survival of your Internet business. A blog that attracts very limited or worst still zero visitor is a dead blog so to speak, serves no purpose other than a waste of the blogger time.

Search engines crawls a blog more frequently as compare to a static web page simply because an active blog usually has more fresh postings, is more interactive and dynamic in the sense that the reader can respond and comment to the blog postings.

Furthermore a blog that is fresh and frequently updated with good quality postings can easily attract visitors, many of whom might subscribe to your RSS feeds or to be added into your list so as to receive your newsletter.

Some of you may have heard of the saying that ‘the money is in the list’. What it means is that you need to build up a list of customers that trust you and is willing to buy from you over and over again.

The bigger question that is in the mind of most aspiring Internet marketer is if it is possible to earn a full time income from blogging? Well the answer is simply an absolute yes. Blogger like Alvin Phang of Atomic Blogging and John Chow of JohnChow.com has been earning 4 to 5 figure sum monthly. How on earth did they do it?

For the first time ever, John Chow has decided to spill the beans and bares it all by letting you into the insider secrets to ultimate profit blogging, all completely for free! In a nutshell, the secret lies in using your blog to build up a huge list of prospects and thereafter offering backend products or services to generate huge income!

Seems hard to believe right? Well, simply go ahead to download the ultimate blogging profit tips right here. You will be glad you did and don’t just read, take action to implement it at the soonest opportunity.

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Top Reasons Why Most Online Business Fail

Posted on : 10-03-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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One of the reasons why many people failed and quit online business is due to lack of awareness of the scope of work involve. Contrary to what some of you may have heard from Internet Marketing Gurus selling the idea about not having to lift a finger to earn income, online marketing actually involves a great deal work.

Of course that does not imply there aren’t any Internet millionaires around who are able to reap huge profit from their online business without having to spend tons of hours in the business. However, what many people overlook is that most of the successful Internet entrepreneurs started with tremendous efforts and commitments to bring up their online business.

A high number of people failed and give up on Internet business because they have wrong mindset. Some people treat it as hobby rather than real business. You are your own boss so to speak so you need to have discipline, determination, focus and passion to carry it through if you were to succeed in your online business.

It is easy to become complacent and procrastinate when it comes to dealing with online business. This behavior is further compounded by the fact that it is very affordable to start your own Internet business thus there is less pain involve should the business fail to take off.

It is not surprising that some people deliver excellent results when they work under duress stress but their productivity drops when they are not given any time line to complete their work. There’s a saying that human by nature is lazy and I guess it might be true in certain sense.

Just think of it for a minute. If you work for an organization whereby you do not need to be accountable for your deliverable and you have no one to report to, would you be due diligent enough in wanting to complete tasks assign to you? I guess more than often most probably not.

When you run you your own Internet business, you are practically at your own liberty to decide which, how and when a particular task should be completed. You are your own boss. Have you ever give a thought what sort of boss you wish to become or what boss you are?

After all there is no one breathing down your neck to ensure you do your work diligently and that tasks you assigned to yourself are completed in time and of good quality. It is important for you as your own boss to set up committed timeline to accomplish tasks and make sure it is achieve. For instance, set up goals such as complete article writing and submitting articles within 30 minutes time and so forth.

In summary, it is important for you to have the right mindset if you are to succeed in online business. Business conducted through Internet is no different from normal brick and mortar business.

You need to invest time, focus and efforts to make your online business become profitable. Being your own boss means taking actions and be responsible for all the various aspect of your online business.

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Information Overload – Don’t Just Read, Take Action!!

Posted on : 30-01-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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One of the biggest issues confronting Internet Marketing newbie is that of information overload. It is quite common to get bombarded with tons of Internet Marketing ideas and techniques so to speak particularly when you sign up for freebies such as free products or services. It is not surprising for an Internet marketing newbie to get overwhelmed and confuse by tons of online business ideas, techniques, tactics and strategies which sometimes seems contradicting or confusing totally.

Most people have in one or another experience what is term paralysis through analysis. A lot of people struggle for hours, days, weeks or even months to try to digest tons of information (be it free or paid products or services) in the hope they will be able to achieve success in the online business and Internet Marketing world through the mastering of that one killer strategy and tactic.

Some people feel they lack the necessary information, expertise and experience to jump start their online business. As a result many do not realize they spend more time than necessary trying to understand and studying all those techniques, many of which may or may not be suitable for the kind of business model they are dealing with.

On thing that I have learn, painfully though is that you need not spend all your time going through every single email marketing promotions, products or services which comes along your way. After all, you are not studying to get your PhD so to speak. Your success in the online business do not depend entirely on how much time you invest in trying to understand as many Internet marketing techniques and ideas. Your online business success depends primarily on the actions you take to implement what you have learn.

On a personal note, I would recommend that you pick one particular Internet Marketing technique which you have not used and focus on it. Try to balance the amount of time you invest in getting to understand the technique and the time where you actually take action to implement it in your website or blog.

As a matter of fact, you can start to implement some of those IM techniques once you grasp hold of the fundamentals pertaining to that one particular technique which you are focusing on. As for me, I usually spend 50 percent of the time reading up whatever I can on an Internet Marketing technique and the rest of the time to implement what I have learn.

Thus for instance, say if you spend 2 hours a day to understand article marketing, you should likewise spend another 2 hours or so on that same day to actually implement what you have learned by generating articles pertaining to your product or service and submitting to the various ezine and article directories.

Don’t just read what you need to know whole day long. Take action and implement what you have learn. As the saying goes, ‘I see I forget, I read I remember, I do I understand’. In summary, your success depends not just on your depth of understanding of the marketing techniques you used, but more importantly on the kind of actions you actually take to make it happen.

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Why You Will Never Succeed Online!

Posted on : 24-01-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Generally there are two types of people who sabotage themselves when dealing with online business. Firstly there are those who get the wrong impression that they don’t need to lift a finger to make money from the Internet. These are the people who have the mindset of get rich quick mentality. There also those who treat their online business as a hobby instead of a full fledge real serious business.

It is easy to start an Internet business but not that simple nor easy to earn a comfortable living with it. As a matter of fact, over 90% of Internet and online business flop or barely break even.

As the saying goes, it is not how the race begins that matters, it is how the race ends that matters. Many people dive into Internet Marketing and online business with the belief that they will achieve financial independence and retire early in life. There are those who just simply want to become their own boss and run their own business without knowing what it takes to become successful online.

The sad truth though is many of these people end up working longer hours, earning less pay or even become disillusioned with Internet Marketing after awhile, give up and go back to look for the 8 to 5 job.

Making money online is not difficult. The bigger question though is how much you want to make and what it takes for you to achieve your online business goals. Many people fail in making money online because they treat it as a hobby rather than a real business.

Here’s a good report by John Thornhill on why you will never succeed online. Most people look for Internet Marketing success formula instead of trying to figure out what actions or inactions if any leads to online business failure. Digest it, learn from it and take action to avoid those costly mistakes.

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