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What You Need To Know Before You Start Any Online Business

Posted on : 09-06-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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The statistic is extremely grim. Over 95% of the online business kaput or hardly make any profit within the 1st 5 years since start-up. You may wonder what the remaining small successful Internet marketers do which the majority isn’t.

Is there any secret that the Internet Marketing Gurus implement which allows them to make excess money round the clock over and over again without doing much work while you spend hours daily struggling to pay the bills?

Well, truth to be told, yes there is a secret and the secret is that there is simply no secret at all. Here is a good article on what you need to know before you start any online business. A lot of Internet marketing newbie set themselves up for failure even before they achieve their first profit.

Please check out this interesting post on what you need to know before you start any online business. You will be glad you did it and for goodness sake, don’t just read it, implement it!

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How To Monetize Your Blog – Even If You Hate Selling

Posted on : 01-01-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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If you are thinking of making money with your blog then you may wonder how best to go about it. Lot of people don’t feel comfortable to ask for sales in their blog but that is exactly what you should do if you wish to monetize your blog. It is easy to sell product through your blog if you know how to do it. You don’t need to do hard selling because such technique won’t work with Internet marketing and any online business.

Can you sell a product online if you hate selling or you don’t think you are cut out to be sales person? The answer is of course you can!. Have it ever occur to you that we do selling all the time? Say for instance, you watched a movie and you like it. Someone you know talks about going for a show and you tell them the movie that you watched recently, how interesting the plot and so and so. That’s is in fact selling!.

Selling becomes hard, really hard if you attempt to sell someone a product that he or she has no need for at the present moment. For instance, what are the chances of selling a hair comb to a guy who is completely bald? The days of shouting and screaming at the top of your voice to try get customers to buy your product is over. What you should be doing is to get qualified customers or targeted prospects to approach you and your task is to promote a product or service that will help customer address their wants or needs.

Don’t go around chasing after customers. Let the customer come to you!. It sounds weird but this is what set the successful online business entrepreneurs and Internet marketers from the majority of those who struggle to keep their business afloat. It is much easier for you to promote a product to someone who don’t need anymore convincing words and who is in the buying mood.

You don’t need to do a lot of selling if your customer already qualified themselves in the sense that they need such a product to address their wants or needs. Your job as a Internet Marketer is try to match the best product or service that will meet the customer requirements. Sometime a customer may not even know for sure what they want specifically so you have to help them by explaining the values and benefits of your product.

Half the battle is won if you are able to get qualified customers to visit your blog or website. Thus the key factor is not so much about selling but rather how to promote your website or blog so that the right customer can find you. This is where search engine optimization is so important. You need to get your website to be rank as high as possible by the search engines. Of course you can also consider using paid traffic such as Pay Per Click (PPC) to get your website rank highly as fast as possible.

In summary, making money from blogging is not hard even if you hate selling. Qualified customers will buy from you if you can promote your product or service in such a way that they can see the benefits and values that directly address their problems. You should post regularly and over time your blog will earn credibility and the customer will consider you an expert in your niche.

You don’t need to do any hard selling once you have establish an authoritative blog in your niche market. You can monetize your blog without doing any hard selling. Of course, you should try to master the art of persuasive soft selling as well as being able to write effective sales copy letter. You will be able to achieve good comfortable income through monetization of your blog if you have a good authoritative blog and persuasive sales copy.

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Online Business Success Formula – Prerequisites

Posted on : 28-12-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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I am often met with bewildered and doubtful stares, usually from friends, peers and colleague who thinks I am crazy when I told them one of the most  promising, economical and best ways to achieve financial independence is through online business and Internet Marketing.

The entry barrier into Internet marketing is very low and practically almost everyone, and I mean anyone can start to a home online business anytime with minimum budget.  A lot of people thinks they need to have knowledge and background in computer software and Internet technology in order to start up any online business. This is far from the truth.

The Chinese Internet portal Alibaba.com was started by someone who don’t even know what HTML is. Likewise you don’t need to have complete grasp and understanding of Internet Marketing before you start any online business. You can take action to start and learn at the same time.

Learn from someone who is being there and done that so to speak. Follow a proven working system by learning from a trusted online business mentor, someone that is willing to teach you and committed to make you succeed.  You don’t need to reinvent the wheels so to speak. You can try your best to avoid mistakes others have made with regards to your online business.

A mentor can’t do the job for you though. You have to take appropriate actions based on what you have learn and be committed  to make it succeed. Even though everyone can jump into online business, not everyone will succeed.

The statistic is pretty grim though in the sense that over 95% of online businesses fails within the 1st two years. Why is that so? I believe it all boils down to  the fact that you need to have certain prerequisites to succeed online.

These prerequisites are Internet Marketing success formula that will improve your chances of succeeding in any niche online business that you deal with.  Let’s go through each of these prerequisites and understand how it contributes to Internet marketing success.

The prerequisites are:

1)You described yourself as an overachiever. Or at least that is what others perceived you.
2)You are competitive, possess fighting spirit and you enjoy winning.
3)You are a self starter and you don’t need someone to nag over your shoulder to get things done.
4)You are goal oriented and you take charge of your life without leaving things to fate.
5)You love to live the life of fast lane and you enjoy and thrive amidst some stress in life.
6)You are passionate of the things you love in life be it hobby, sports or whatever.
7)You take full responsibility for your actions. You don’t blame others for your lack of success or failures.
8)You are open to feedback and you welcome suggestions and even criticism from those more experience than you.
9)You love to read and you enjoy applying what you have learn.
10) You possessed never say die attitude and you don’t give up easily.
11) You are not afraid to leave your comfort zone to try out new things, even to the possibilities that you will face tough challenges dealing with unknowns and things that you are not familiar with.
12) You view mistakes as part and parcel of ongoing learning opportunities and not failures.
13) You don’t need the consent and approval of everyone around you to make decisions to achieve your goals.
14) You believe in the Law Of Attraction. You have strong personal conviction that you will get what you want in life so long as you pour your heart, mind and soul into it.

You will achieve Internet Marketing and online business success if you have the right mindset and positive traits that differentiates you from the rest of the 95% which fails miserably. It is important to note that everything starts with the mind and ends with the mind.

Thus do focus on the necessary online business success formula such as the prerequisites outlined above if you wish to be survive today’s competitive online industry. The choice is yours, the battle is yours!.

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Success – What Does It Meant To You

Posted on : 11-10-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, personal development

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What is success and why should you bother about it? What does it meant to you? Do you envy those who are successful and blame yourself for those things you can’t achieve in lie? Do you believe that you have what it takes to be successful in life?

In A Nutshell – General Term

Most people associate success with reputation, power, status and money. There is no doubt that money is one of the most important factors for the simple fact that you simply can’t have too much of money but you certainly can’t do without money. You work so that you have money to spend for your daily expenses, feed you loved ones and etc. The Singlish term, no money no talk may come as a catch phrase for many but it is a stark fact of the reality of life. No doubt, it would be strange for anyone to dispute that success should not bring along with it, financial wealth and prosperity.

A Matter Of Perspectives

Being successfull means different thing to individuals but generally speaking it makes one feels good. Having the choices and abilities to enjoy the finer things in life is a form of success that not everyone can achieve in lifetime. There are those who deem success in life in terms of the ability to lead a life of spiritual calm and serenity.

Individual experience success in different personal ways. For instance, achieving your goals makes you feel good and fills your heart with sense of pride, joy and success. Some people may cast you as a failure but you may see yourself in a different light. Thus, success is truly a matter of perspectives.

You may spend years in the deep jungle of south America looking for that one tiny frog species which others won’t give a damn. When you discover such a rare tiny frog species you jump with joy and that itself is the success you have been aiming for which no one else cares..So you see what I mean?

There is no universal definition for what it really means. After all, there are those who claim that success is but the state of the mind. What do you think? Can you measure success? Is there a metric that you can use to define it from a scale from 1 to 10? Certainly not I guess…

The important thing is that many people don’t really take time to ponder and think of what success clearly means to them personally. You can’t achieve success if you are unable to quantity and measure it in a personal way that is unique and applicable to you.

After you have a good grasp of what success means to you, you will then need to know what is currently important to you and how that will impact and fit into your future success. Being successful is not all about making the right decision even though that would be the most ideal case. Rather, success is about making some decision in life and taking swift actions to work towards attaining those goals.

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The Power Of Curiosity

Posted on : 13-05-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : personal development

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There is a saying that curiosity kills a cat. Perhaps in some ways, being curious to the extreme may land us in trouble but at other times, curiosity will enable you to open up your mind to new ideas and allow you to explore new opportunities that you never thought were possible. Curiosity helps to keep your mind active. Curiosity exercise your brain and make it stronger. Many people underestimate the power of curiosity.

In your childhood days,  life seems so much more exciting and you seems eager to explore and accept new ideas. As you grow older, your mind began to become dull and you become less receptive and less curious to events around you.

You may not realize that your curiosity may spur you to ask question and seek for answers that enable  you to break new grounds in your quest for success. Curiosity allows you to look at things from different angles. All too often you unconsciously program your mind to see things in a particular way and this limit your mind and prevent you from accepting alternative solutions. If you are unable to believe that your life can be more successful than where you are, then chances are that you won’t take necessary actions to improve your life.

Perhaps you may wonder in what other ways curiosity helps you to achieve your goals and dreams. You see, when you are curious, you won’t hastily tossed out or ignore ideas that comes to your mind. Chances are that you will miss out on important ideas if you lack curiosity simply because your mind becomes dull and you unconsciously program yourself to perceive important ideas as silly or insignificant.

One of the key factors to achieve  goals is that you must also be receptive and open to suggestions. Your pride may be the main stumbling block that prevent you from attaining your goals. You may not want to hear people’s advice and for all you know, the advice which you ignore of these days  might just have been the one thing that you badly needed to do in your life which will open the flood gate to immense success in your life!.

In summary, be inquisitive, curious and at the same time always be open to suggestions by allowing yourself to ask more questions and seeking different answers. Success might just comes along the way through curiosity and follow up actions that you  take.   Never understimate the power of curiosity as it could be your key to success in life,

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Success In Life

Posted on : 07-02-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, Health&Wellness

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Everyone aspire to achieve success in life. Some people have big dreams, goals and resolutions which serves as guidepost and milestone checkers. How well you succeed in life depends on what you do today, not tomorrow, the week after next or next year. What you do today has tremendous bearing on what awaits you tomorrow, the day after next and the future.

No one knows for sure how 2010 going to turn out to be. We will have to wait till the next coming Christmas to figure it out as events and circumstances unfold before us. One thing for sure is that for many, emotional and mental stress will continue to be part and parcel of life.

Stress is a silent killer. It can rob us of our happiness, health and our future. Learning to cope with stress is one of the most important thing that you ought to deal with. Prolong stress is detrimental to health. As a matter of fact, stress is one of top three major causes of all health problems in the country.

People tend to associate happiness with money. Yes, no doubt money is very important nevertheless what is the point of having more money if you have to pay a heavy price for it by having more stress in life? . What is the key to success in life? What is the key to being able to accomplish your goals and resolutions?

The way I see it, there are three things you need to take control if you are to succeed in life. Foremost you must learn how to cope with and manage stress. Stress by itself is not harmful if you know how to cope with it. Stress helps to drive us to compete and excel in whatever that we do in life. The real danger surface when we let stress takes control over our life. Make stress your ally and you will be able to unlock other potential within you.

Secondly, learn to manage time properly. Time is precious and as the saying goes, time and tide waits for no man. Time management is critical if we are to succeed in life. Rich or poor, healthy or sick, we all have 24 hours a day. You can either chose to make time work for you or become a slave to time so to speak.

What we do within each day and how we manage our time not only decide how we are able to live the life we want but also determine our destiny . Don’t procrastinate. Stop this extremely harmful habit of procrastination and learn to prioritize your daily tasks and carrying out the tasks set out accordingly. Work hard but also work smart to get things done in the most efficient and expedient manner.

Last but not least, in everything you do in life, learn to live through with a positive mindset. An optimistic and positive mindset is really powerful to help you to get what you want in life. Your mind is much more powerful than you could ever imagine. Learn to look at the bigger picture when you deal with circumstances in life.

In summary, these three factors namely, coping with stress, effective time management and positive mindset will help to carry you far in life. Beyond all these, health is more important than ever and it is the most precious commodity that you could ever have in life. Be thankful to God for what you have, and continue to strive to become the better person you aspire to be. After all, I am sure some of you have heard the saying, God help those who help themselves.

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