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How To Write A Compelling Title For Your Article

Posted on : 22-09-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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This post focus on tips on how to write a compelling title for your article. As the saying goes, the eye is the window to the soul, well guess what, so it is with the title of your article. Surveys indicates that less than 10% of people reading an article title will take further action to read the full text of the body.

The title of the article is the first thing that a reader gets to look at, thus first impression counts so to speak. It goes to show how important it is for you to craft the title in the way that it captivates and motivates the reader to read the full text.

One common mistake that many article writer make is not paying sufficient attention to the title. Suffice to say, if the title sucks or does not adequately draw the attention of the reader, it does not matter if you have the best article content in the world. You article will get bypassed because people prejudge the relevancy and quality of an article content simply based on the description.

There are many factors that you need to deal with as far as creating a compelling title is concern.

Keep The Title Short And Sharp
Generally it is preferable to limit the number of characters to max of 65 characters. Take a look at advertisement sign boards along highways. A driver only have seconds to catch a glimpse of the ads while on the wheels moving at high speed so how would you think drivers will react to long winding ads?  Most would give it a miss.

Include Numbers
Which of the two titles sounds more interesting and eye catching? “Discover The Secrets  To Longevity” or “Discover The Only 2 Secrets You Ever Need To Longevity”? Numbers will grab a lot of attention!

Persuasive Punch Line
Word phrases such as “How to”, “Discover the secrets”, “Best tips”, “Amazing”,”Revolutionary”,”Remarkable”, “Startling”,”Quick”,”Announcing” ,”Exclusive”,”Incredible” and “Miracle” to name a few are persuasive and attention grabbing words. You need not exaggerate nor over-hype. Instead focus on creating punch lines that gets the reader to sit up and drawn into curiosity, excitement and perhaps drooling to want more about what’s in the article.

Search Engine Optimized (Friendly)
Include keyword phrases that are search engine friendly, not too competitive (less than 100K competing web pages) and while maintaining reasonable amount of search volumes (at least 3K per month). Why would you want to bother with search engine factors?

Most people make use of search engine facilities to locate the web site address  that contains the  information (website)  of interest. Thus you need to include keyword phrases that are popular, competitive and which are most likely to be part and parcel of search query terms.

Get Some Hints & Ideas From High Ranking Articles.
There is no universal hard and fast rule as to which is the best method to implement however there is one interesting technique  that some Internet Marketing Guru’s employed to great effectiveness.  Locate relevant articles with highest number of readers from major ezine and article directories such as at www.ezinearticles.com and use these titles and headers as reference to craft yours. Of course you should not copy the exact title;  some major article directories strictly prohibits such actions anyway.

Adhere To Article Directory Guidelines (Which Also Helps To Improve Your Click Through Rate!)
There  are plenty of  tips you could find from article directories as far as crafting of titles are concern. Refer to the general guidelines and requirements  for instance at ezinarticle(http://ezinearticles.com/editorial-guidelines.html). The rules and guidelines are not there to stiffer your creativity but rather to make it more user easier for readers to locate articles that best match their requirements.

Sometime it is kind of like chicken and egg  dilemma with regards to decide what’s the best title for your article. On one hand, you essentially need to craft a title that is exceedingly interesting but on the other hand you have to ensure the keywords and phrases are SEO optimized so that people can locate your article through search engines! Regardless, it is worth the time and effort to write a compelling title for your article. Do checkout other article writing tips in this blog.

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