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A Powerful Lightweight Free WordPress Autoblog Plugin

Posted on : 29-12-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Here’s the link to a free powerful lightweight WordPress autoblogging plugin. I have not tested it, but anyway if you are contemplating on whether to check out any autoblog software, this is a good one to start with. I know there are many other similar tools but most of them are just plain crappy 8)

As the saying goes, content is king and this is certainly the case with business blogging.   People are attracted to blogs with fresh quality and interesting contents.  The challenge though is that sometimes it is hard to keep the momentum going, to prepare articles and news for posting. It takes time and effort to create good quality contents for blogging readership.

With recent Google Panda update, there are talks and discussions that autoblogging is dead and a thing of the past. Is that truly the case?  There is no doubt in my mind that manual article posting beats autoblogging anytime of the day but that does not imply you can’t or shouldn’t consider such automation .Opponents of autoblogging claimed that you risk getting your blogs penalize by mighty Google for duplicate contents.

Is Autoblogging Still Relevant?
The way I see it, pulling contents from other websites still has its use in today’s blogging world. You just need to work a little bit more smarter and use this strategy with caution.  don’t treat it as a means to free you from spending time to maintain your weblog. Instead of configuring it once to pull in feeds and RSS contents from other sites to post to  your blog directly, you should take some time choose which of the imported contents you wish to post at a later date and then mix it with your opinion or articles.

For instance, lets say you decided to pull in feeds content on ‘How to tame a Pitpull dog’ to post on your site. You schedule it to be published on say 5 days later. Take some time to read the content and then figure out if there are any questions that are worth asking. For instance, at the end of the imported content, you can add the statement ‘is it worth to rear a Pitbull dog anyway and what is the primary reason that you should consider one?

Citation And Reference
Contrary to what many assumed, any articles and information that you post in your site without any citation or links to relevant information from other authoritative sites  or any other sources (as quotes or reference) lacks credibility.  During my university days, we were taught to include citation and references to remarks or ideas that we expound in our thesis.

In the same way Google value any sites that provide rich content even if it is syndicated articles so long as you include the source of the information as well additional information of your own relevant to the topics under discussion. Well, don’t get me wrong that all your posts should have citation or links to other sites, the point I am trying to drive at is that duplicate content is fine so long as you do not infringe on copyrights and that your post add value to the readers.

You may also wonder what good does it bring if you have to manually edit the imported articles for after all the whole idea behind autoblogging is that it should free you from such tasks and that it should auto post contents indefinitely after it is setup. Well it depends on what your goals and intentions are.

Google Page Rank
If you just want to build up dozens of even hundreds of autoblogs to earn some Google Adsense income without regards for the Google page rank than by all means go ahead. If you are concern about page ranking factors than you should play by a different rule, implement some sort of hybrid posting of unique articles and imported contents.

In summary, autoblogging is still relevant today. Provide good quality contents and avoid posting of articles  that may be construed as digital content theft. Do not try to spin the imported articles because the search engines are getting smarter and most are able to detect it from a mile!.

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