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Ten Great Internet Marketing Tips

Posted on : 28-07-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Here’s another great Internet Marketing newsletter by super affiliate marketer Ewen Chia. In this report, Ewen suggest 10 marketing tips to boost online business. Among them include topics such as 1) the benefit, tips and challenges of using twitter to market your online business, 2) the differences between paid search traffic versus organic search traffic, 3) quick way to get index by Goggle, 4) how to get your Adsense account approved quickly by Goggle, 5) how to write auto responder 10 day email course, 6) how to setup and things to consider when establishing a membership site and 7) the importance of long tail keywords.

This report could have easily sold for at least 97 dollars but Ewen is generous enough to give it away completely free of charge so that others may benefit and succeed in online business.

As you can see, this report is jam packed with straight to the point factors that makes a difference to the success or failure of your Internet Marketing. Unlike many sales copy letters, this report explains in capsule point form the whys and what you need to do for each of the factors mentioned.

Here’s my take on some of the keypoints highlighted in the newsletter.

Quite a number Internet marketers and online business owners out there don’t quite understand the importance of twitter nor do many understand how to use it effectively to enhance and improve online business.

Those who understand the importance of twitter may sometime use it the inappropriately to advertise product or service. You can increase traffic to your blog or website by publishing your tweets on the website or posting your blog updates to Twitter.

You can integrate Twitter feature into your WordPress blog. For instance, there is a free WordPress Twitter plug-in that automatically update your Twitter each time you put up new posting to your WordPress blog, This is really a cool feature because it enables you to inform those who follow your Twitter of new posting in your blogs.
Do check out this free Twitter plug-in at TweetMyBlog

You can also display Tweets from a Twitter account in your blog. Do check out one such plug-in at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wickett-twitter-widget/.

Organic Search Traffic
The fastest way to divert traffic to your website is through paid search traffic. PPC (pay per click) using Google Adwords is definitely not for the Internet Marketing newbie though. Moreover, it’s getting tougher and increasingly expensive to bid for popular keywords and if you are not careful enough, you may end up losing money in PPC campaigns.

Organic search traffic on the other hand usually involves much more effort and time in comparison with paid search traffic. It usually takes longer time for you to direct traffic to your website via organic search traffic. You may have to spend much more efforts and time in article marketing, viral reports, participating in forum discussion , social media and etc.

The main benefit of organic search traffic over paid search traffic is that the visitor traffic acquired from organic search is much more targeted and converts more easily to paying customer. Thus to certain extend, organic search traffic may be considered long term benefit and much more economical compare to paid search traffic.

It is of course possible for you to pay less for competitive keywords using PPC Google Adwords if you are able to improve the CTR (click through rate) and the quality score, a metric defined by Google using a number of criteria which include CTR, relevancy of your keywords to your website content and etc.

Unless you really know what you are doing, its best to minimize spending on PPC and focus instead on organic search traffic, PPV or CPA network.

Long Tail Keywords
Optimizing keywords is extremely important if you wish to improve your web page SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) and to get your web page listed in the top position of Google organic search results.

Regardless of paid search traffic or organic search traffic, using long tail keywords over general keywords is as smart as you can get to avoid competing against too many high ranking competing websites and thus saving you both bidding cost for PPC as well as time and efforts to rank high in the SERP.

For instance, it is easier for you to rank for the phrase ‘effective training for 1 year old Pomeranian’ versus ‘effective Pomeranian training’. The reason is obvious that 1) the more specific the search phrase term is, the less competitive is the phrase thus allowing you to compete much more easily for higher-ranking positions, 2) visitors who narrow their search term to long tail keywords are more likely to purchase product or service from you.

Google Adwords keyword tool at https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal is one of the best free web based utility that you can use to search for profitable long tail keywords.
Another powerful software that I have used and strongly recommend is Brad Callen’s Keyword Elite at http://www.myhomebiznet.com/go/keywordelite2/. This software is able to identify profitable competitive long tail keywords within minutes and a must tool for Internet Marketers.

Auto Responder
Auto responder is just a term for email responder, auto email or mail-bot. There are many types of auto responders, some are free to sign up to use while others charge usage by monthly or yearly basis.

Such tools are great ways to save time, as it responds to any message with an automatic response. All types of auto responders work based on the same principle, as they will automatically send a message out when a message is received.

Depending on the message received, such tools will send out the correct return message. What message to send can be determined by the script or the customer email addresses.

Normally, people don’t buy anything on their first or second visit to a website. Most like to shop around, compare, and find the best deal for their money. Auto responders can be thought of as cheap salesman – as they will follow up with your potential customers and keep their interest sparked.

You can make use of auto responder service to set up opt in dialog box to capture prospects and visitors email contacts. You can then offer freebies, free newsletter and even free products or services to encourage people to sign up with you.

Once you have an auto responder set up on your website, you can make money even if you aren’t there. You can be out with your family or doing other things, while your auto responder draws visitors to your website and makes you some money.

If you are a serious Internet Marketer or online business owner then auto responder is a must for you to build up your customer list. Auto responder is an effective marketing tool that enables you to make contact with thousands of potential customers.

You don’t need to implement all the ten tips described. You do however need to take action to implement at least one of the tips and follow through with it as long as it takes improve traffic to your website.

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