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The Benefits Of Dedicated Server Hosting

Posted on : 29-03-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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If you are a serious Internet marketer or a long-term online business entrepreneur with a fast growing customer list or you already have an existing large customer base then you ought to consider using dedicated web hosting service to power all your business websites.

What is dedicated web-hosting service? In a nutshell it refers to service involving dedicated hardware server to host and power your websites. There are many benefits associated with dedicated web-hosting service.

One major advantage is that contrary to shared hosting, you do not need to share the dedicated server hosting resources with others. That implies you have most of the server computing power and resources focused to manage your websites and yours only. There is no concern with overloading since the entire server usually has enough bandwidth to handle high traffics to and from your websites. Your website page loading is faster and you can install more applications.

One of the biggest drawback with regards to share server hosting is that since the server machine support hundreds if not thousands of hosting accounts besides yours, the hardware server resources is shared and each website’s traffic bandwidth consumption is limited. If you intend to support direct video streaming from your websites and other CPU intensive web applications than you will need to seriously consider dedicated server hosting over shared hosting.

Another advantage that dedicated hosting has over shared server hosting is that it is more secured in terms of web-hosting security because you are not expose to possibilities of malicious scripts installed by hackers and cyber criminals who intend to hack into other people’s sites. Usually this is done through scripts which attempts to intrude into shared web host server.

Some scripts installed by other shared server subscribers may also render the server to become unstable thus impacting the performance and reliability of your websites.

Most shared host providers are also less accommodating to any change request to be made on shared hosting server software for instance software upgrades to include features services that your web application requires. Any shared host server software change request or upgrades requires careful consideration and it takes time to get approve so as to ensure the new software features and options do not compromise the integrity of the entire system.

There are those who are caught by surprised when their Internet Protocol Addresses were suddenly blacklisted for no fault of theirs all due to the fact that some shared web hosts do not implement necessary checks to prevent illegal activities of subscribers to their servers. It usually not easy to screen each and every shared web host account activities many of which used different domain names.

Dedicated server hosting is a lot more expensive compare to share web-hosting service. For instance, you may just need to pay ten dollars or less each month for a shared web hosting service charge whereas you may need to pay a hundred dollars or more a month for the dedicated server.

You pay for what you get so to speak. Yes, you may end up paying more for hosting your websites on dedicated server but the price is more than worth it if you consider the fact you have more control over the machine and you don’t need to worry about your account being suspended by your host service provider for taking up too much traffic bandwidth and etc.

Most Internet marketing newbie who are tight on budget usually start off with shared hosting and then gradually migrate to dedicated hosting when they have earn enough profit to upgrade and expand their business.

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