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The Concept Of Abundance

Posted on : 27-08-2010 | By : Jimmi Creak | In : personal development, Tools

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Complaining is a habit shared by humans. Think about a girl who hates her new shirt just because it doesn’t look great in her body, the boy who would like to have another PSP although he already have 3 of them, or that parent who wish to push harder on their children although they know that their kids are already the top in their class.

People failed to realize that each one of them is already experiencing abundance. Sometimes the feeling of not having enough is just in the mind therefore the thoughts as if we have everything may be inside our mind as well. So what you should do? Think as if you are rich.

In order to know whether you are falling into the rut of thinking that you don’t have “enough”, learn the warning signs below:

1. Unstoppable Money Craving- What pops into your head the moment when you think about money? Do you always think about how much you have or how much you actually lacks?

There are people who would always spend their time thinking about money. Even though you may say that there is nothing wrong with this attitude, you should realize that instead of thinking about the abundance you are experiencing, the constant craving can lead you to think how much you actually lack.

What you should rather do is to think about things in life that are for free but actually gave you the reason to smile.

2. The “I hate the rich” Attitude- There are individuals who hate the wealthy simple because they are not. But let it be known that the feeling of jealousy will never help; rather this attitude is even risky. Why should you hate someone just because he or she is not like you?

The best that you can do is to simply be thankful that these people are present in your life so you will be able to have someone who you can emulate so you can be rich as well. Make them an inspiration instead of thinking that they are your competitors.

Most rich people were able to reach the pinnacle of success because of two things: 1) they work hard and 2) they are always grateful for the things they have.

As you can see, abundance is all in the mind. No matter how rich you are, if you think that you do not have enough then things will look as if you don’t have any. Learn how to be grateful of the things that you have, no matter how small they are and never based everything on the amount of cash you have.

Remember that you can be rich even without money! Always be thankful about those people in your life who never judge you depending on the things that you have. Reflect on those times that your kids or anyone willingly shared a pizza with you simply because you don’t have the money to buy a decent meal-this kind of things is very precious, more precious than money!

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