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The Cons Of Shared Web Hosting Service

Posted on : 20-03-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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It’s been quite some time since I last posted on my blog. It is not that I am occupied with work but rather some web hosting issues with HostSo has tied me down. Well, about 3 weeks ago, HostSo suspended my account without any warning.

It caught me completely by surprised so I raise an urgent help desk ticket. Interestingly the explanation that I received was that that some of my websites are getting high traffics and taking too much bandwidth. So HostSo decided to suspend my account until the server overloading issue is fix.

It is of course within the prerogative of HostSo and in the interest of the customers to suspend any accounts that may affect the operation of the server, in particular a shared web hosting server. The concern I have though is what is considered high traffic and high bandwidth?

Is there any qualitative and definite metric that ought to be used to determine as to what constitute high bandwidth so as to justify the suspension of user web hosting account? When I ask for information pertaining to the site which they pointed out as consuming too much bandwidth HostSo merely show me a log that indicates some URLs that people navigate from my site. Hardly any convincing data to substantiate suspension of my account I supposed!

Anyway, I wrote back to request for the lifting of the suspension since they have singled out a particular site. They lifted the suspension and told me that HostSo will continue to monitor the traffic and bandwidth consumption of my account within 24 hours and they will not hesitate to bring it down again if necessary!

HostSo technical support is appalling. Chances are that if you ask for technical support, 9 out of 10 times, the reply from them is that is that there is no technical problem over their side and that the problem is due to yours. I have proven time and again, 9 out of 10 times the problem lies with HostSo. If you are not technically incline, chances are that you are a sitting  duck because as far as they are concern,  you are the guilty party unless you are able to prove otherwise!

This morning I could not FTP into my site. I wrote to the technical support for help and you know what?  HostSo technical support staff replied and said that my FTP account has been suspended due to high traffic access to my site.  The big joke is that I have not been actively updating my site for the past few weeks and the number of visitors to all my sites is less than what would constitute high traffic.

I promptly replied and rebutted the accusation and finger pointing blame by HosSo technical support stating clearly as to why I don’t think that is the case and that I request the FTP account suspension be lifted. I have every reason to believe that the technical support guy don’t even bother to investigate because if he had done so,  he would not have replied the way he did because it really show how irresponsible he was.

 I received a prompt  replied minutes later stating  that my FTP account issue has been fixed.  The problem persists so I decided to investigate further. Once I have gathered the required information and of which I was pretty sure that the problem lies with HostSo, I attached screen shots of the problem and technical detail observation what is going on (FTP passive  filtering issue),  another technical support staff (by the name of Sarah) replied and informed that the problem has been resolved.

It seems that my postulation was right all along.  HostSo has disabled passive mode for the range of port address within their firewall.  It was working all along till today; I have no idea why they suddenly disallow FTP passive mode access but this is how they go about their usual business.  It has got nothing to do with high traffic to my websites after all!.

I couldn’t imagine what will happen if thousands of customers and visitors access websites hosted on HostSo shared hosting server. Given the company questionable reputation and lax lustre service support, you wouldn’t want to bang your bucks and count on using shared hosting server in the long run.

By no means do I imply that you should stay away from HostSo  all together like a plaque. It has one of the cheapest shared web hosting service. If you don’t mind the frequent surprises and if you are technically capable of able to understand and work with their technical support staffs, then it is still a good deal. After all, other well known shared web hosting services such as GoDaddy and others also have their respective fair share of bad reviews as well.  

A shared web hosting service also known as virtual web hosting refers to a web hosting service where many websites are powered and managed by a single web host server connected to the Internet.

The main limitation with shared web hosting is that the bandwidth and traffic is limited for each websites as well as for each web page of a website. Load balancing is a major constraint and it is for this matter that shared web hosting service will not hesitate to suspend any website that consume too much traffic bandwidth access.

The lessons that I have learn from this whole saga are that 1) Don’t short change yourself by signing up with cheap shared web hosting service as it could potentially  impact your long term online business . 2) always remember to backup your sites regularly so that you have the provision to setup or establish alternative mirror sites on other web hosting account should the inevitable occurs. 3) be knowledgeable about web hosting related matters so that you are better prepared to engage the technical support staffs if necessary.

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