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The Importance Of Timeline – Parkinson’s Law

Posted on : 13-04-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : personal development

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You may or may not have heard of the Parkinson’s Law which states that “Work expands to fill the time available.” If you care to think about this law, you will realize that it makes sense from time management perspective. For instance, a task assignment which you are able to complete within an hour will take you 10 hours instead if you are given that much time (10 hours) time line to deliver. Believe it or not, your focus, productivity and performance will increase or decline to match the deadline to complete a task.

Of course there are those who go to the extra mile whereby if they are given a task to complete a project, they will try their best to deliver it well ahead of the schedule if they are capable of. Alas, on the other hand majority of people I know of will take their sweet time to get something done if they are not given any real deadline to complete it. This brings me to the next interesting question of setting deadline to complete a task.

Most of us dislike being constantly pressured by the boss to meet tight project time line. I mean who on earth likes to be push to rush to get a job done right? We would prefer a reasonable comfortable pace time line whereby we can relax and at the same time focus moderately on the work without having to push ourselves to the limit.

As a matter of fact, bluntly speaking, you will never get any thing accomplish if there is no concrete time line involve because there is always another tomorrow so your subconscious mind will tell you to finish it by tomorrow and when that day comes, you will defer it to another day and so forth!.

One of the common traits shared by many successful Internet marketers and online business entrepreneurs are that they set achievable tight time line to accomplish their goals and objectives and they push themselves to the limit to get it done. Parkinson’s Law can also indirectly explain why people are more incline to procrastinate when there is no time line imposed to get something done.

I know of a guy who works for a software house in Singapore. He is a very good software programmer who always get his job done no matter how complex or complicated the task assigned. He always deliver amidst tight project time line. I once spoke to him and suggest the idea of him to team up with me to develop Internet marketing software on part time basis, notably after office hours and on weekends. I have no reason to cast doubt on his ability to deliver since he is a software expert in web programming.

The problem though is that he is always behind schedule and give me all sorts of excuse such as lack of time or due to too much commitments at work. I finally realized the problem was not because he is overloaded or whatever, the real problem you see if that I did not impose any serious deadline on what he need to deliver on his part. Since it is a joint partnership, I didn’t want him to think I am pushy person so I let him decide when he is able to complete the task, at his convenience so to speak.

As a result well, the Parkinson’s Law kicks in. He was never ever able to deliver what is committed and needed on his part of the bargain and eventually we decided to call off the whole sideline project. Have it ever occur to you why you are able not able to succeed online while you may be a star performer in your company?

Part of the reasons is due to the fact that you are too nice to yourself. Sure enough you ought to be nice to yourself and you ought not to be too hard on yourself. You are able to perform up to your boss expectations in your workplace because of the deadlines impose to all the tasks assigned to you!.

In summary, Internet Marketing and online business that you do in your own spare time or even if you are into full time can only take off and succeed provided you are commited and take action. You must have well define plan with definite timeline on various milestone checkpoints that include specific dates on when you want to achieve your goals and plans.

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