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The Number 1 Video Marketing Mistake You Must Avoid At All Cost!

Posted on : 14-11-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing


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Nowadays it is very easy to create your own video marketing materials. Gone are the days whereby you have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to engage professional marketing services to prepare your video ads.

All you need for creating a live video is a digital camera or camcorder, a good microphone and proper lighting to shoot your ads. If you are creating screen capture video than you just need suitable software such as CamStudio and microphone.

There are many free videos editing software that you can use to edit involving cut and paste of different of video frames, include music, sound and etc. When you are done you simply upload it to your website and/or social media networking sites such as YouTube, Tube Mogul, Flickr, Facebook and etc.

Video marketing can be quite effective and if used correctly, it can increase your online sales by double or even triple fold. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words and what better way to do it then via video marketing.

Unfortunately one of the biggest mistakes that many Internet marketers commit is making their video ads to auto playback when the link to the ads is click. Auto video play back is the number 1 video marketing mistake you must avoid at all cost!

Can you imagine the embarrassment and also the annoyance that ensued when the music and sound associated with the video playback occurs while you are in the workplace/office when you click on the link?

Just imagine that awful stares from your boss right in front of you! What is your most likely response under such circumstances? You would probably close the application and forget all about that that stupid link which automatic launch the video playback!

It is not surprising that even seasoned and experience Internet Marketing Gurus commit such mistakes over and over again. It is as if these so called experts too eager to promote their video marketing stuffs!.

Video marketing is extremely powerful and effective method to increase your sales. Some silly mistakes such as auto playback can backfire and cost you dearly in terms of reaching out to customers to watch the video that you have painstakingly prepared. use your common sense for goodness sake!

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