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The Power Of Social Media – Singapore General Election 2011

Posted on : 07-05-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, Internet_Marketing

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Today is an important day for all Singaporeans as the nation goes to the poll to vote their next government. The current ruling party for past 50 years (namely the People’s Action Party ) better known as PAP is expected to continue to dominate and form the majority in the parliament. Nevertheless, it is also a historical moment where in the first time in the politic history of Singapore the opposition parties has fielded and contested almost all the seats.

The opposition parties have come to be of mature and of age over the years and the credentials and background of many of the opposition candidates are rather impressive. Beyond the rhetorical debates, campaigns and manifesto speeches, it is becoming quite clear that social media networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are powerful communication media were used to great effect and impact to reach out to the mass population.

The future political landscape of any country in this world inclusive of Singapore is no longer predictable as a result of the Internet revolution. Government can control censorship of conventional media such as newspapers, radio broadcast, TV broadcast, tabloids; magazines and even public rally speeches but not cyber social networking sites.

Come to think of it, election campaigns involving online social media networking are a form of Internet marketing technique at it’s best. You can reach out to the voters in almost real time. Blogging allows the political election candidates to communicate with voters and reach out to them to gather feedbacks and to adjust their next campaign speeches in almost real time so to speak.

As I write this blog post, the GE (General Election) is completed and wrap out so to speak. The votes from respective voting centers have been dispatched to counting centers and by midnight the results of the various contested constituencies and wards will be broadcast live through TV, radio and the Internet.

Regardless of the outcome of this General Election, my hope and aspiration for this nation is that the country will continue to prosper and that the ruling government together with the rest of the opposition candidates that make it into the parliament work together to make Singapore a better place.

Come to think of it who knows, perhaps five years from now the next upcoming General Election will be fight through not just social networking sites running on PC and notebooks but perhaps in the area of mobile communication media arena as well.

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