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Things You Need To Know Upfront About Web Host Hosting Provider

Posted on : 17-10-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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It’s been several days since I last updated my blog. Things has not been going to well lately for me though. My pet companion, the fifteen year old Pomeranian by the name Muffin will be sadly missed as it passed away on 12th October 2010. Muffin has been our source of joy and delight even though I must say we have our hands full dealing with him making a mess out of the house.

I was mentally prepared to expect Muffin to go anytime though. The average life span for a toy dog such as a pomeranian of weighting 5kg and below is around 15-18 years. Thus Muffin has lived to a ripe old age and he passed on due to aging. He breathed his last at home and joined the rest of the pets before him.

Apart from that there’s pretty much work to do with regards to getting to complete some of the last minute software project request. Quite annoying though was the fact that it has to be completed by next week. It’s good to be a software developer so long as you are not hard pressed to meet ridiculous project time line i guess..

Another thing that really piss me off lately is with regards to the bad connections that I keep experiencing with HostSo web hosting company. I wrote to them to complain about the unacceptable high occurrences of bad connections, drop connections and extremely slow page loading time.

Much to my disappointment, the customer service support of HostSo responded by saying that there is nothing wrong with their server that is hosting my domain. I did a search on the Internet for HostSo review and well it seems that there are plentfy customers who experienced similar problems with this web hosting company.

Do Your Home Work! Get Feeback & Reviews Of the Web Hosting Companies!
I must admit that I didn’t do any thorough study and review of web hosting companies when I sign up with HostSo. Budget was the first thing on my mind and I reckon that so long as I am able to get a cheap web hosting deal then other factors such as performance, reliability or even customer service becomes secondary concerns.

Well, boy am I am dead wrong! Getting a reliable, robust, efficient and proven web hosting provider company is very important if you are serious about your online business. There is always a catch when it comes to companies that offers low cost attractive package. I guess you pay for what you get.

There are some important things you need to know upfront about web hosting provider. Google is going to measure website page loading time as part of the page ranking criteria. I learn the painful and costly lesson which has caused me dearly in terms of Internet income opportunties. Frequent connection dropout and poor site page loading time is serious enough to devastate your online business.

Don’t try to be a cheapo when it comes to engaging paid web hosting service. First thing first you need to determine your objectives and requirements with regards to hosting for your websites or blogs. Web hosting charges varies and most offered different plans. You get to pay more for higher plans which offers extra features such as unlimited disk space, unlimited domain hostings, unlimited bandwidth and etc.

The specifications and features outlined for the various plans are for ideal conditions only and do expect less optimal results though. For instance, there are many customers who has their paid web hosting accounts suspended simply because their web hosting providers deemed that they were using too much of the Internet traffic bandwidth.

Unlimited Bandwidth – It Is Simply BS!
Unlimited bandwidth is just some sort of gimmick because if the traffic to your sites exceed a certain limit (too many people accessing your sites or if you stream upload/download huge files, some of these host providers will not hesistate to remove your account. (usually without advance warning and you stand to lose all your contents if you don'[t backup your data regularly!)

Shared Web Hosting Server
Low cost and cheap plans usually relies on the processing power of shared web hosting servers. What it means is that the hosting server bandwidth is shared among multiple users. Thus if there are many service request (Internet access by users), the network traffic gets bogged down and this result in reduce upload and download speed. Your site page loading time will increase and people will get piss and avoid it!.

Dedicated Server Please!
If you have the budget you should go for the more expensive plan whereby a dedicated server is allocated just for your account. The dedicated server web hosting plan is recommended for online business and webmasters that requires stable and guaranteed bandwidth access. Badwidth utlization is never an issue with dedicated server so you don’t have to worry about server overloading resulting in degrade site page loading time.

Forget About Those Disk Space Gimmicks!
Hard disk is very cheap nowadays and you should not get excited with plans that offers unlimited disk space. After all,chances are that you will never get to make full use of the disk space allocated for your plan. Even if disk space is a concern, you can always store your files in some other sites and direct your sites to fetch files and contents from these alternative sites.

Microsoft SkyDrive and ADrive offers whopping 25GB & 50GB disk space respectively and its free!. Just sign up for free acccounts and you are good to go.

As the saying goes, you get for what you paid for. You get the type of ride for the class of ticket that you buy. Don’t make yourself being penny wise pound foolish when it comes to paid web hosting. You may save some money here and there with cheap hosting plans but if you are unlucky you may end up with sites that are difficult to access, frequent down time, slow page loading time, poor customer support help desk and etc.

You are exchanging your time and efforts for money and you want to make sure that your sites get the best exposure and user experience. Don’t short change your sites by using lousy and irresponsible host service providers. So what if your sites has great contents? It is a dead and orphan website if people gets piss off with the bad Internet connection services.

As I am writing this post, I experienced disconnection from my WordPress control panel about 5 times within a short span of 15 minutes!. No it is not an issue with my local Internet connection as I have no trouble staying in connection with other websites hosted in the USA.

I always make it a point to write my post in notepad first and then copy and paste to WordPress. This is to prevent connection lost with HostSo. How appaling isn’t it?

Do I recommend HostSo ? The answer is regrettably a definite NO. Perhaps the connection is fine in the United States (where the web hosting company is located but I wouldn’t give a damn. I just want a reasonable operating service whereby I can comfortably run my online business from Singapore and whereby people outside USA can access it with acceptable connection access and speed!!

I am very dissapointed that even with HostSo Elite Plan, the connection service and access to my websites through HostSo web hosting is appalling. So my advice to all, stay away from HostSo! You don’t want to end up being another statistic of disgrunted and cheated customer.!

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