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Tips To Optimize Your Windows PC

Posted on : 14-06-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Free Downloads & Resources

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You may experience a situation whereby all of a sudden your PC windows takes unusually longer time to boot up and load or that applications that used to run efficiently suddenly slows down dramatically. There are many possible reasons for the slow down, one of which is cluttered window registry and fragmented files. There are couple things that you can do to improve your program performance and improve windows start up.

Navigate and execute ‘Accessories->System Tools->Disk Cleanup’. Start with ‘C’ drive and then proceed to other drive volume if applicable. Next navigate and execute ‘Accessories->System Tools->Disk Defragmenter’. Start with ‘C’ drive and then proceed to other drive volume if applicable.

You should see some improvement with windows load up time as well as increase application performance once you have perform disk clean up and disk defragmentation.

Another thing that you can do is to clean and optimize the Windows registry. The registry is a system file that is critical to the proper functioning of the Windows operating system. In a nutshell, the registry is like the brain of the operating system; it contains vital information pertaining to the hardware and software that makes up the computer system.

There are many windows registry cleaner utilities in the Internet that you can download and use but you need to be caution before you go ahead install and use it. Computer virus are known to target the registry thus you should realize why it is so important to ensure you don’t execute any unknown programs that may compromise the integrity of the registry.

Some registry cleaners are buggy and may cause more harm than good. Always remember to back up your windows registry before you fiddle with it. There are various methods to back up the registry. Windows registry corruption cause by any poorly designed registry cleaner could render your PC become unstable. You can restore your PC to the previous state if you have a back up of the most recent windows registry.

If you are really in need of a good Windows registry cleaner then you are in for a good treat. Among many such utilities that you can find in the Internet, I must say CCleaner registry cleaner is one of the best utility. You can backup your registry via CCleaner before you start registry scanning and repairing process. Furthermore, there are also options to clean up and optimize your hard disk drive. Go ahead download and make use of it to optimize your PC performance. You won’t go wrong with CCleaner, it is completely free and it is just that good I assure you!

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