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The Ugly Truth About Website Traffic

Posted on : 13-07-2013 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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The Myth About Website Traffic - The Ugly Truth About Search Traffic

It has been over a month since I last write a post on this blog. Well, I was down with the flu for almost a week and occupied with work the rest of the days.  Every now and then I noticed there are many Internet marketing products launched that target specifically the newbie and novice marketers on how to stay on top of the search traffic for competitive keywords. I think alot of these products are BS and useless.


Google rolled out Penguin 2.0 updates and as expected, search ranking of many sites has been affected.  Site contents with competitive keywords that used to rank high were badly affected, many of  them completely removed from the search index.  Article directories were particularly hit hard by these algorithm changes.

SEO experts whom proudly used to show off their  expertise and reputation as ‘free’ traffic  or SEO experts found themselves scrambling to find ways to address the impact caused by Google tweaks.  Some even publicly announced they no longer focus on organic search strategy.

Beware of those self declare search optimization Guru who claimed they have the secret formula to get any hot keywords to rank on the search engine.  Do not be deceive by all those sales marketing pitch carefully crafted targeting  emotional and attention drawing phrases such as ‘Google loophole’, ‘Ninja underground tactics’ and etc.

Let’s face it, even if there is a new strategy to counter  Penguin, the key question you ought to ask is what happens when the next algorithm update or the one after the next rolls out? Mighty  ‘G’ is not stupid.  The search giant knows that the moment new search updates are roll out,  SEO  folks will find new ways to circumvent it.

Google scrutinize many of those new Internet marketing tools launched  in systematic organize campains to  intercept  to plug any loopholes that potential hacking software might take advantage of . You can bet sooner or later, many of such SEO related products will become obsolete as soon as they are deploy  because search bot engineers will introduce new  patch to dilute the impact or mitigate the effectiveness of these so called “game changer” tools.

What’s The Catch With Free Traffic

Truth to be told, the top 2%  successful Internet marketers do not rely entirely on free search traffic  to make money online at all .  Yet many of them would have you believe they lived on this tactic alone to make a living online.  No doubt traffic is the lifeblood of all e-commerce business. Without traffic you won’t be able to attract customer and make sales and that means no profit and the end of the story.

It is not the amount of traffic or visitors that really matters, rather it is the quality of the traffic that makes the real diference to your profit bottomline. Most top super affiliates prefer to use  paid traffic over  orgnaic search in order to gather leads or generate instant massive traffic to their e-commerce sites. SEO is long term strategy that you cannot afford to ignore but you simply cannot rely on  just 100% free traffic for short term profits. It takes time to rank high for competitive keywords using such tactic.

Google algorithm change frequently thus SEO  is not a reliable sustain source of traffic to rely on. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket so to speak. In actual fact there is no such thing as absolute ‘free’ traffic. You essentially trade your time and efforts in return for high search ranking.

Outsourcing some of the time consuming traffic generating tasks such as article marketing, social bookmarking and networkl media marketing involving video and images (YouTube, Facebook and etc.) may  offload and allows you to focus on other more critical aspect of your online business .   The amount you spend to outsource might become quite substantial and may even exceed that of  sponsor ads.

Paid Traffic Nightmare

Google AdWords is one of the classic and probably most well established paid online advertising program. If the advertisement is done properly one could easily,  in matter of days or even hours  get their ads in front of millions of people through partner websites (also known as publishers) The main advantage with  paid advertisement  such as Google AdWords over free search traffic is that you don’t have to wait for weeks or even months for your site to rank high in the search engine for competitive keywords.

You don’t have deal with complex SEO activities. The biggest problem with buying traffic is that nowadays it gets harder and a lot more expensive  to bid and rank for ‘hot’  keywords, also known as money keywords.  You have to be constantly doing  split testing and monitor your marketing campagin conversion rate.  You may have to fine tune your ads using different keywords to outrank your competitions.

It can be a nightmare to end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on PPC advertising with little or zero return of investment. Moreover, you risk in getting your account ban if Google deem your site violate  their AdWords  terms and conditions.  Do not rely 100% of your business on buying ads.  Google is getting more particular and strict in regards to what advertiser can or cannot promote  via AdWords. Termination of  advertiser  account  for violation of terms and conditions has left many high and dry the past few years.

Traffic Conversion Versus Volume

If you can’t convert  visitors into buyers  you won’t be able to make money online so what’s the point of struggling to stay rank on the top of the search engine?  Yet that is what most Internet marketers struggle all the time. Many think that so long as they can get their web page to stay on top of the search results money will start to pour in!

People usually don’t make up their mind to buy from your online store  on their first visit. It takes at least seven or more times to convince a visitor  to buy something so what does that means?  You really need to focus on getting  targeted traffic,  you must try your best to capture the contacts of those who visit your site for the first time and you need to give them a reason to give you their contacts!

Getting your prospect email contact should ALWAYS be your number priority. It is the only way for you to succeed online and to sustain your business on long term basis.  

Traffic is important only because it helps you to reach out to new prospects, to expedite leads gathering and that’s All about it. You are strong encourage NOT to  try to sell visitor your product on their FIRST visit.

This is in direct contrast  to what you may have heard or been told by the ‘Gurus’ that in order for your business to thrive online, you need to work your butt off at all cost to build traffic to your site. If your business is based solely upon search engine traffic than sooner or later you will be in deep trouble . No doubt traffic is critically important, lifeblood of e-commerce so to speak, it is only PART of the equation.

Your list or subscribers are your only real assets as far as your online business is concern. You need to build a real business so that even if  you loose all your sites search ranking and traffic in overnight you will be still be able to continue to operate your online busines. Do not under estimate the power of your subscriber list.  When you have a subscriber list, you can generate traffic on demand, as and when you like with the “push of a button” literally so to speak.

Search Traffic Fluctuates

Lets face it, the Internet is constantly changing and evolving. It is getting increasingly challenging for small enterprise  to compete with the giant corporations such as Amazon, eBay and scores of fortune 500 companies for both paid and free search traffic.

The question that you should really be asking  is not how to generate traffic so as to  get the keywords you are targeting on your site to rank high on the top of the search results. Rather you should think about how much work you need to put in to sustain it and what do you really get out from visitors and prospects that lands on your site.

The fact of the matter is that there is NO WAY to sustain your site ranking for competitive keywords indefinitely, absolutely no way unless you are prepared to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to outsource  SEO tasks.  suffice to say even then there is no guarantee that you will get your money’s worth.

There is no point to rank high for some search terms for just a few days and then later drop out like a rock.  If  the traffic you build painstakingly through various SEO tactics is not targeted and does not convert to sales or you are unable to capture prospects email contacts you are just wasting your time.

Is Backlink Still Relevant?

The old adage that traffic plus backlink equals to high page rank  is no longer totally true.  It was two years ago but with the rapid change of the Internet landscape,  much of the old strategies are no longer as effective as it used to be.

Click here for a previous post on how to dominate the search with the hybrid traffic plus backlink criteria.

Backlink is still as important as ever however apart from quality of  incoming links (in terms of the relevancy of the sites that point to yours ), big brother G  is also looking for link diversity.

Social signals involving interaction and activities between your web page  and social networking platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and etc greatly influence page ranking.

A sudden surge of  avalanche of links from other sites pointing to yours  spells trouble  and you risk getting your site blacklisted. Always drip feed or generate incoming links juice gradually as it looks more natural to the search engines.  There is also indication that moving forward blog commenting  may not be as effective as it used to be.

Try to avoid link farm and other  short cut tactics such as paying for incoming links or link exchanges because you it might cause your sites to land on Google crosshair. Backlinks from social media sharing sites are getting increasingly important to Google.  Check out this link for more details in regards to the importance of social signals to search ranking.

You see it is getting increasingly frustrating and difficult to cope with Google tweaks. Fret not though, there is a better way to keep your Internet business profitable without having to worry about search competition.  Please read on …

It Is Not Just All About Traffic – Focus On List Building

It is very difficult and challenging to convince a  first time visitor which lands on your  e-commerce portal to do business with you. Why should they buy from you since there are hundreds if not thousands of sites that offer similar products or services? People purchase from whom they trust. It has been said that we need to approach a prospect at least seven times, to foster and build up  relationship before they feel comfortable  to do business with.

A visitor who stumble upon your online store for the first time and then leave is not likely to return.  It is therefore imperative for you to get their contacts such as email address so which you can follow up with to  promote your products or services in the future.  List building is the key foundation success of all Internet business.

Social Media Traffic – The Next Big Thing?

There is no doubt traffic from social media networking sites  such as Facebook is enormous .You can promote  products through Facebook sponsor ads or you can leverage on the influence of fan page ‘likes’ or build a community with like minded people via Facebook Group feature. So why is that so many marketers still continue to invest time and money in Google  ads?   You see, there is just too much work involve to build traffic using social media marketing.

Furthermore  traffic from social sites are usually not as targeted as  search engine. For instance even though you can target FB ads to audiences by age group, gender, demographic and etc most people do not make decision to buy when they are in social networking sites. People are more likely to go to Amazon, eBay and other prominent online market store to buy things.

Increased Facebook fan page  ‘likes’ does not necessary translate to increase sales conversions. More and more people are using mobile to access social networking sites and majority do so to ‘interact’ and engage in social activities, not with the commercial intent  to buy things.

FB Traffic Plus Microsoft Bing Partnership – Bigger Than Google Search

Graph Search is Facebook’s answer to Google search monopoly. Unfortunately Graph’s  capability is limited to  information within its network.  In other words, you will not be able to make use of  Graph to search for information that is not shared or  outside of Facebook. To address this limitation, Facebook partnership with Microsoft Bing is a huge leap forward that allows it to challenge Google. There is huge potential and opportunity for Internet marketers to drive highly targeted traffic using both natural Bing search as well as FB and Bing sponsor ads.

More information on Bing Alliance With Facebook

It’s Not All Just About SEO  – Leverage On Traffic!

It’s pure common sense, why  struggle with complex SEO ?  Isn’t it easier to leverage on other people’s  qualified list and subscribers ?  There are many ways to ‘steal’ or ‘buy’ traffic from other well established websites that are in the same niche as that of yours. For instance you can become  guest blogger and write for high traffic and page ranking authoritative blogs. Like minded readers may visit your site if  your guest post draws their attention.

You can also offer a product (if you are the product creator) or private label rights (PLR) materials in exchange for another webmaster mailing list. You may also consider join venture with others to give away quality products in exchange for prospects email contacts.

Solo Ads

One of the most effective list building tactics used by most successful Internet marketers to gather leads is by using what is called SOLO ads .  Basically it is a sponsor advertisement ( which you paid for) to have a publisher send your ads to their email list , usually on ezines. Only your ads or marketing emails will appear to the readers; there is no competition with other advertisements.

It is called “solo” in the sense that readers will get your undivided attention. Solo Ads is a classic evergreen marketing strategy that still works pretty well today. You get qualified targeted traffic because it is more likely those who signed up to join your email newsletter or opt in to become your subscriber  do so because they like what you provides in terms of content and they look forward to know more information, product or service that you recommend or promote.

The cost of solo advertisement varies so do take some time to compare the various offerings .  It is also important to buy ad space from credible sources and not get sidetrack by the advertising cost alone because there are many unethical and scam folks that do not actually have good email or subscriber list. For the start you can check the following links below namely:



Quick Wrap Up – Final Thoughts

Majority of novice aspiring online marketers do not realize they have been dubbed, tricked and lied to insofar as website traffic and search engine ranking and domination are concern. You do not have to struggle with the complexity of  SEO to succeed online. As a matter of fact, most of the big Guru do not rely on Google to make money online.

Make use of traffic to build a targeted list instead of focusing on getting sales. Back end sales will generate the real cash for you. What you need is a targeted subscriber list for which you can reach out to regardless of future search engine updates. For that matter, it makes more sense to gather qualified leads from existing marketers. One of the time tested, fastest and proven ways to build a huge strong responsive customer base is by using solo ads.



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