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The Ultimate Secret To Internet Marketing Success – It’s Not What You Think!

Posted on : 30-09-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Sell Dreams, Not Products - IM Success Secret

Every now and then there are plenty of new Internet Marketing products released and promoted in the Warrior market place, Clickbank, and tons affiliate marketing websites. What do most of these over-hyped marketing emails or sales copy have in common?

Well, believe it or not and surprisingly the emphasis is usually not really about the product but rather ways the products can bring change to one’s life, of selling dreams to be precise.

How do you get people to take note of what you promote and convert them into buyers?  The number one reason , particularly in area of IM business is not the benefits neither is it about matching a solution to a problem or needs. You have been taught and advice by the Gurus to focus on the benefits right?  You have been dubbed!

Think about this, the foremost reason most people invest in revenue generating income tools and services is not mainly because it helps them to get more things done, being more productive but rather as the mean for them to attain their aspiring goals and dreams of attaining financial independence.

Consider the fanciful sleek looking latest model Apple iPod or the eagerly anticipated  iPhone 5 smartphone. What do you think is on the mind of most people when they sees one? Majority sees it as a music player or a mobile phone , only very few perceive it as tools to enrich personal life.

Get this into your head, sell the dream and not the product. This perception is what set the late Steve Jobs apart from others.  Of course I am not saying the product is not important and that you can just simply promote a lousy scam products.

What is important though is that the ultimate secret to business success, be it online or offline is 1) develop and market a product that the market wants  and ready for it and 2) sell the dream of how life will be transform and never be the same when anyone owns it.

What do you see when you look at powerful sales copy?  Any similarities in regards to strategy that most Internet marketers used in their marketing campaigns?  Well, most usually starts with a story line, in the form of video or audio narrative touching on the pains, challenges and struggles then follow by the dream of  ‘what if  they can put all the nightmares and trials behind them’.

It is not until towards the end of the sales letter  that the product or service is introduce, to connect the dots between the dream and the customers needs. If the dream that you tell your potential client or customer  meet their  needs then you don’t have to work very hard to promote the product.

The product sales will take care of itself once the customer sees and accepts the dream that you lay before them. Dreams and desires works from the subconscious level and this is why so many people fail to succeed online. You see, people are usually driven to buy based on impulse or emotions and then later try to justify with logic.


I am not advocating marketers should work solely on the emotional and psychological state and mind of the clients and prospects, manipulation  in order to increase sales and conversion rate.

Remember in the long run it is repeat customers that will enable you to sustain your business. You need to have great products that will really address customers needs and problems. It is just that stories and dreams makes it easier for you to connect to prospects and potential buyers who are usually driven to buy based on emotions and impulse.

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