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The Ultimate Upselling Marketing Strategy

Posted on : 10-04-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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What Is Upselling?
All successful Internet affiliate marketers and online business entrepreneurs share one common trait and that is of having the ability to upsell products or services to their customers using proven effective marketing strategies.

What is upsell marketing? In a nutshell it refers to the process of offering a backend offer product or service after you have successfully make a front end product sales. In other words it is simply a process of selling an add-on or an upgrade product to a customer.

Why Upselling Marketing Is Important
It is easier for you to sell more products the moment a customer made the decision to purchase the main product from you. Basically, the customer is in a buying mood and is more receptive to consider additional purchase.

Double Or Triple Your Income
You can easily double or even triple your online revenue by using this marketing approach. It is a time tested and evergreen marketing tactics that works particularly well for information products.

Five Ultimate Upselling Tactics

There are many ways to increase sales with upsells.  Listed below are five of the most effective and proven methods to sky rock your revenues.  There are many other ways apart from those discussed in this post ; you don’t have to implement all of them, just pick those that works well for you, rinse and repeat.

  • Offer A Related Product With Attractive Discount
  • Offer A Rebate After Sales
  • Suggest Additional Products Based On What Customer Has Purchased
  • Limited One Time Offer Deal (OTO)
  • Combine Different Mediums

Let’s briefly go through each of the above so that you can get an idea on what’s involved. Firstly, include discount for a related product in the ‘thank you’ page of your  after sales acknowledgement informational product letter.

Related Product Offer
Behavioral studies indicates that a customer who has just purchased something from you is still in the buying mood thus more willing to consider other related products. You need to do some planning and research to make sure the so called back-end  product is closely related to the thing that he or she has just purchased.

For instance, if someone buy an information product on how to lose weight naturally , you might recommend another follow up product on ‘how to  lose weight in 30 days without dieting’. Suggest specific products to go along with it,  why the two or more  go together so well.

Highlight to the customer that the special promotional price is applicable only for  those who has purchased the main product (aka front end sales). In other words, make the customer feel special, not everybody get discount such as those extended to them.

Special Rebate
A rebate after sales is also another way to boost your sales. This strategy is used to great effectiveness by Calvin Woo,  a super affiliate marketer with incredible good results.  Even though it might be  seems  controversial to some, nevertheless it is a proven approach that is worth to consider.  This method is described in his Commission Avalanche Mastery training product.

You can offer a rebate of say ten dollars after the sales is made. You can credit the rebate into the customer Paypal account or any other means. Do take note that some affiliate programs prohibit such practice so you need to read the fine print of the requirements if you want to offer rebate for an affiliate product.

Additional Product Recommendation
The third strategy is what Amazon does best, basically it involved recommending additional products based on what the customer has purchased.  The good thing about this method is that it works very well for both digital information as well as physical products.  Include some explanation as to  why that additional related product would make life so much easier for the customer.

One Time Offer
Include a one time offer deal (aka OTO) for an add on product with attractive price once the customer has bought something from you.  Don’t leave the offer on the table for indefinite period of time. Limited time only offer is quite effective in many situations.  You have to honor and abide by the time restriction communicated so that the customer knows you meant what you say.

Combination Of Delivery Mediums
The last method involves the use of different mediums to promote related products.  For instance, if the front end product is a physical item such as a nano aquarium you can package the back-end related product as an online  web based membership service where subscribers have access to various tips and information on how to keep the tank in tip top condition.

All it takes is some creativity and research into what motivates  a customer to buy more products from you with the best combinations of upselling tactics.  Customer retention is very important because it is easier for you to sell to a repeated customer rather than a new prospect.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to squeeze more from someone who trust and bought from you, by recommending inferior back end products . Don’t try to be too pushy or mislead the customer because it will cost you more in the long run.  Make customer satisfaction your number one goal and recommend products only if you are absolutely sure it is going to beneficial to them.






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