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The Power Of FB Sharing – Viral Blog Marketing Via FB

Posted on : 09-02-2013 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Facebook WordPress Integration

Social networking platform such as Facebook started as a web based online interaction service where students can freely engage in social activities such as  sharing of  ideas,discussions, and media exchanges involving photos and images and etc.

Today major big corporations, notably the Fortune 500 embraced social media marketing as a very important corporate business marketing strategy.  It is a proven tactic to build and expand customer base,  generate leads, increase sales, foster customer loyalty as well as to establish long term relationship with consumers to garner repeated buyers.

Facts About Facebook

  • At least 45% of all the businesses in North America have some form of presence in Facebook
  • Over 60% of major corporations (notably those fortune 500 ) have a FB page.
  • In total Americans spends a staggering amount of up to 54 billion minutes on Facebook each month!
  • Worldwide consumer and business spending on and through FB amounted to billions of dollars!

The Power Of FB Sharing

This particular social platform influence in regards to viral marketing is far greater than most people think.  Here is the the reason why (it might not be so obvious but it it also one of the main reason why you need to be very careful with what you post in your FB wall)

Don’t you agree that making friends online is much easier than getting your page to rank for competitive keywords ? A high PR page does not necessary translate to money making profit.  Lasting profitable business  is all about customer relationship and not traffic volume as many would have want you to believe.

Some are speculating that Google is placing less emphasis on organic search and favoring paid ads. This is not surprising as most of the revenues are derived from advertisers who pay for sponsor ads.

You should not focus all  your efforts on SEO alone because it is simply too risky.  One of these days  Google ongoing algorithm updates may impact your sites search positions with potential risk of impacting  your online income.  You need to focus on building a responsive customer list that is immune to Google slap. What better way than to do so by leveraging on the power of the FB Fanpage sharing.

Facebook FanPage Sharing


Make Your Blog Post To Go Viral On Facebook

It is very simple to go about it, just post a link to your blog post on your Facebook  Fanpage, add a quick summary that is interesting and get people to talk about that page. That’s all to it! You can can then drive free traffic to your post.

Get your fans or friends to like your fan page and have them like it enough to share it with their friends.  Take note of this interesting fact about FB . When you share your page with your friends and they ‘like’ it, the page will appear in their news feed and become visible to their friends.

This is so important that I have to emphasize it again. Post something interesting so that your friends will comment on it and pass it on to their friends. Friends of your friend usually don’t go to your fan page to get updates. They will normally follow up with your activities through their news feed.

When you share something interesting with them and they like and share it, it will appear on their news feed and in turn their friends who like it and share with others will trigger the viral effect. Even if some of your friends do not find it interesting, they might share and pass it on to a wider audience.

Your friends and their connections determines the virality of your page. Everything in FB begins and ends with friends.   Now that you know the power of traffic building via FB, you might wonder how to automate your WordPress blog content update on your Facebook Page.

 How To Post WordPress Content On Your FB Page

There are many free WordPress plug-ins available, just do a Google search for the term ‘wordpress plugin to post to facebook page’ . Do take note that owing to the fact that Facebook change the API for remote service access quite often, some of the WP plug-ins may no longer work unless it is sync up by the developer.

Here is the link to a WordPress plug-in that allows you to publish your blog status and post to FB . The fact that it is recommended by FB is good enough a justification for you to consider. Do also take note that the installation of such plug-ins requires some technical knowledge of WordPress knowledge.

For those who are less technical savvy and require more help, there is another Facebook app that connects your WordPress blog post to the fan page.  Click here to find out more about PagePress.


No other social media platform allows you to gain hundreds, if not  thousands of followers, customers or  fans within a a short time span. You can drive more traffic to your blog by integrating WordPress post publishing service with Facebook Fan Page

You can literally leverage on the power of Facebook sharing to transform a solo one man online business into a full fledged money making company that rival the big corporations.

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