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What Is Free Traffic Exchange – What It Can Do For You

Posted on : 03-12-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Traffic is the lifeline of all online business. Without traffic, there will be no customer to your website and thus no sales. Getting targeted traffic to your site is the one of the most important factors that will either make or break your Internet business.

There are many ways to increase driving traffic to your site. Free search traffic via article marketing and paid search marketing involving pay per click or PPC are but some of the tested methods which can increase visitors to your site.

One effective way to promote your site is what is called ‘traffic exchange program’. You may be curious and wonder as to what it is, how it works and what can it do to your Internet income bottom line.

Essentially this method involves the simple process whereby you visit other people’s website in exchange for page views to your site. It is a very simple way to increase visitors to your website and its usually free of charge.

All that is required of you is patience and time to surf as many member’s website as possible in exchange for more visitors doing likewise for surfing your site. The more time you spend on visiting other sites, the more credits you earn which entitles you to add more sites to be rotated more frequently to be view by other members.

There are various types of traffic exchanges but generally speaking most of these variants works on the same principle. First you have to sign up and log into the traffic exchange members area. You have to click on a button to start to visit member’s site as well as to get to the subsequent sites.

There is usually a timer which counts down say 30 seconds which means that you have to be wait for at least 30 seconds before you are able to click to move to the next site. If what you sees interest you, you may set a bookmark so that you can go back to view the sites later.

Some people beat the system by using illegal software known as bots to perform auto surfing. The main objective of this system is to get more visitors to manually book mark and visit your sites. All that auto surfing does is it allows the person using blat hat techniques to acquire more credits without visiting your sites.

In order to circumvent auto surfing, some traffic exchanges implements some sort of challenge response test to ensure that indeed a real person view other members site before clicking the button to go to the next site.

For instance, before the loading of the current site’s page, an icon is displayed and the visitor has to match the icon with a list of icons presented. The visitor confirms the icon displayed by clicking the corresponding icon in the icon list that matches it. If the comparison fails, the user will not be able to view the next site thus no extra credit is earn.

Traffic exchange is an inexpensive way to advertise and promote your site. Most traffic exchange programs are free to sign up. The traffic to your site using this method is not really targeted but if all you need is some quick hits to your sites than this is for you.

One of the best traffic exchange program that I have used is Dragon Surf traffic exchange. Do check it out and it’s absolutely free to sign up by the way.

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