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Why Bother About Sideline Income?

Posted on : 09-01-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life


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An old colleague that I have not seen for ages (we were graduates from the batch) met me in City Hall and ask me what I do for a living. I told him I work as a senior software manager in an MNC R&D from 9 to 5pm and after 7pm I work as an Internet marketer. He smiled and ask me what’s the deal with trying to earn more money? He wondered if I am gobbling up apartments in Marina Cove which is why I have to moonlight to earn extra cash to pay the bank loan financing of million dollar apartments.

Well, I give a thought and replied ‘My work from 9-5pm makes my company board of directors and major shareholders rich; my work after 7pm makes me rich.’ Which come to think of it it makes sense isn’t it? I do not in anyway justify anyone using working hours in the company to do their own sideline work. This is a violation of work policy and warrants immediate termination of job.’

What I do after office hours is mine to decide. I used to spend a lot of my time after office hours to prepare for next day work. Since I am a software developer and programmer by background, it is hard not to think about that software bug that I am trying to fix even after I leave office at 6pm.

As I grow older and head towards the big 5 (50s) I have come to realize that no matter how hard you work in any organization and so long as it is not your own business, your financial stability and personal well being will never be completely secured at all. Companies and organizations are trying to cut operating costs by down sizing. Most manufacturing operations has moved offshore to countries such as China or India.

A lot of people get too comfortable with their present jobs even if they know where it’s heading. Some people and I have to admit I too feel that we just do what we have to do in the company to the best of our ability and if it is the time for us to go then its our time.

The problem though is that we assume we will get the golden handshake aka retrenchment benefits of one year to one month compensation but the fact of the matter is that it is not a requirement under the labor law. It is the goodwill of the company and should the company decide that it should reduce the compensation then there is nothing that employee can do about it.

Which brings me to the next point and that is it’s getting tougher and harder to get another good job elsewhere. Well, apart from the salary itself, I think as far as working for others is concern, the more pertinent question is how we feel in working for others that is younger than us. This is fact of life, as we grow older, we cannot expect to have a boss that is older than us. Times has changed. Younger generations are more aggressive and in some way not surprising for some to climb up the executive and top corporate ladder before they reach their mid 30s.

Amidst economic and financial uncertainties in life, I guess it is important to look beyond our jobs in particular living on monthly paychecks. Most couples in Singapore work and it is not so bad because you have double source of income. As a matter of fact it is quite tough to keep up with inflation and rising cost of living in Singapore if you have a family to feed and you are the only source of breadwinner in the family.

The way I see it, don’t procrastinate and wait for things to happen. Build up your future financial nest and life time career which you love while you can. I don’t mean go about to invest your hard earn money with irresponsible financial fund managers who will waste your money way but rather, start to work on building the foundation of your future source of income. What better way to that with starting online business.

I love the fact that I don’t need a huge capital investment to start any online business. I love the fact that I can run online business anywhere in the world so long as there is a PC and connection to the Internet. I like the fact that we can turn any hobby into alternative source of income. Isn’t this amazing? The Internet opens up a wealth of opportunities for anyone to make money and to contribute to improving the life of others. More importantly, it is a business that I can call my own and I don’t have to get involve with office politics and well, work where I want and when I want.

Internet marketing and online business is real business like other break and mortar business. I don’t earn much as the present moment but what I take comfort in is that what I have learn throughout the years with blogging and other Internet marketing stuffs convince me that anyone can make a living out it

Should I lose my job or I am told to go from my present company I will do what the rest do. Look for another job. I don’t need to be farce about what future job I have to take but I do know one thing for a fact that I have alternative source of income regardless what future 9 to 5pm job lies ahead. Who knows, perhaps there will come a time where I will reach the stage where retire from 9 to 5pm JOB (just over broke) and move on to make a comfortable living out from full time Internet marketing. I am not far from it though.

In closing, I strongly believe that anyone can attain their aspirations and goals. Anyone can achieve financial freedom and wealth beyond their wildest dreams. It is just that you need move out from your comfort zone. As the saying goes, the wealth is there, and it is simply right in front of you and just outside your comfort zone. You have to move out from where you are and go for it.

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