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Why You Are Not Achieving Your Goals

Posted on : 06-10-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, personal development


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Time sure flies. Soon we will bid farewell to year 2010.  For some, it’s time to take stock of  life, to determine how we fare economically, in career, health and how far we have come in terms of achieving the goals we set  for this year. Perhaps you may be wondering as to why you are not achieving your goals.

As the saying goes, it is not how a race begins that matters but more importantly how it ends.  This philosophy and concept applies  to managing goals. 

It is easy to set up goals but generally it takes time, efforts and commitments to accomplish them.  There is no point in setting up impressive and fanciful goals if you are unable to follow up through and accomplished it.

On the other hand it is also important and to be mindful that the journey, process and the path to reach the goal is equally as important as achieving the goal itself.ey itself. 

The challenges, knowledge, experience and wisdom gain during the ongoing process to achieve the objectives  is what makes striving to attain and achieve goals so enriching and rewarding .

Various factors could disrupt you from achieving your objectives.  Unforeseen circumstances and changes of priorities in life are but some of the situations that may disrupt your short, mid or long terms plans. Some people felt that goal setting is just applicable for those living the corporate life that moves in the fast lane.  Some are pretty contented with life and feel that there is no need to set any goals because they are certain that they won’t be able  achieve and accomplish the goals anyway.

Successful men and women of the world, be it in the corporate, social political or personal life all share one common trait;  and that is they all have clear established goals and work towards achieving them.  I can’t imagine any accomplished and successful people who become what they are without any goals and aspirations.

Over here I outlined the main reasons why people fail to achieve their goals.

  1. Lack of interest
  2. Unrealistic goal
  3. Numberless goal
  4. Lack of focus
  5. Poor time management
  6. Lack of strategy


Lack Of Interest

You should set goals that you have strong desire to accomplish, unwavering commitment and  long term interest .  Many people make the mistake of setting a goal that don’t really interest them or that eventually wane off.  It is very likely that you will not accomplished something that you don’t like to do or something that you don’t find interesting particularly if you faced challenges or obstacles along the way. You will give up easily if the going gets tough if you don’t have strong attachment and passions of your goals.

Unrealistic Goal

You are bound to set yourself up for disappointment if you  try to establish a goal that is unrealistic in terms of time-line to accomplish or too complex to begin with.  For instance, what are the chances of succeeding in setting the goal to say lose 30kg of weight in a week.  So be realistic with what your goals. Yes, you ought to think big when it comes to setting your goal but you also want to be realistic and make sure it is achievable.

Objective And Measurable Goal

This is another big mistake that people often commit.  For e.g. It is not sufficient for you to just simply define and underpin the goal to achieve say financial independence and retirement before you reach the age of 50. You need to set concrete timeline and how much you intend to make by months or even weeks to achieve that sort of goals.

You need to break down the main goal into measureable sub goals that allows you to track progress on daily or even weekly basis if possible . In otherwords, you need to underpin goals that are objective and measurable. You can’t achieve what you can’t track and measure so to speak.

Lack Of Focus

You need to be 100% focus for the duration of time of which you have allocated and scheduled to work towards accomplishing your goals. There are many things that could easily distract your attention . For instance, TV programmes, surfing the Internet aimlessly, chatting in social media sites and etc could easily and subconciously distract your focus.

Besides, most people are not very good in multitasking. There is sufficient research data demonstrating decline productivity, mental focus and acuteness when someone multitasks.  Multitasking seems to be a good way to get more things done where in actual fact it affects and hampers your ability to focus on getting quality work done.

You need to be in your focus zone  to do your best and deliver what is required to bring you closer to reaching your goals. In other words, your attention must be undivided when you set aside time to work on your objectives.

Poor Time Management

There are those who gave excuses  that they don’t have sufficient time to work on achieving their goals.  It may be a tough call and challenging to juggle between a full time job and say working part time towards becoming a profitable Internet Affiliate Marketer . But hey, no one ever said it is going to be easy anyway.  One of the key strategy with regards to effective time management is plan a schedule and  prioritize tasks based on criticality, importance and future needs.

You need to learn how manage  time properly.  It is simply poor excuse to justify why you cannot achieve your goals under the pretext you have no time. One good method to keep track of amount of  time you spend on working on your goals is through with the use of a timer. For instance, you may schedule half an hour daily to write articles for submission.  Start the timer and stick to half an hour and then move on to other tasks when done. Doing so help you to improve mental focus and improve work efficiency.

Effective time management is crucial amidst today’s fast paced hectic environment where it seems that everything and everyone fights to get our attention. There are plenty of  information pertaining to effective time management strategies available  online so do check it out. The bottom line is that you need to master time management as it contribute directly to getting you closer to achieve your goals.

Lack Of Strategy

It is essential that you setup a strategy to achieve your goals.  It involves setting up a plan that you will use as a checklist on what needs to be done, specific actions and targeted date of completion.  You have to  start small by breaking the main goal into sub goals and then workout a plan to accomplish the sub goals on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.

A good strategy plan involves breaking down of  a main goal into subgoals and specific actions that you will need to take to meet the subgoals. You also need to specify the specific actions say for isntance;  writing 3 articles per day for article directory submission, write blog comment posts on specific days and etc. After you have set up the plan you need to commit spending 80% of the time implementing the actions underpin.



I am as much guilty as others when it comes to goal setting and not following up nor making it a point to work towards achieving the goals.  Actually it is not difficult to achieve your goals, be it short term or long term objectives.   Have you heard of the saying ” How do you eat an elephant?, well, you just have to eat small pieces bit by bit!”

Master the thing which you are really good at and be the jack of all trade for the rest of  the things indirectly associated with your goals. Spend more time working on what is working rather than those aren’t working.  You must be unwavering,  possesed self determination and fighting spirit. Don’t just continue to learn and not take action to do what is needed otherwise you might end up in paralyze by analyze situation.

You need to have the right mindset, acquire the ability to accept that failure is part of ongoing learning process while you strive towards success. If things do not go well along the way, you should never give up. The path leading to your goals may change but it’s alright. Don’t procrastinate. Time and tide waits for no man so to speak. 

Now that you know the reasons as to why you are not achieving your goals, isn’t it time for you to take concrete actions to making things right?  After all, you can have what you want in life so long as you set your priorities right, have the right mindset and take the right actions to works towards you goals.

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